Wildlife Infestations In Gilbert? We Can Help!

An angry raccoon on a roof

If Gilbert home and business owners need pest remediation, it’s typically for insects. Threats from wildlife, such as raccoons or birds should be factored in. These creatures can devastate buildings and belongings. Further, they might physically harm you or expose you to illnesses. Wildlife management is essential.

Wildlife trapping or eradication is especially pertinent for properties close to vegetation and bodies of water. Many creatures thrive in organic settings. While some seem docile, they are dangerous. Learn more about such pests and the advanced wildlife removal we offer at Pro Active Pest Control. Appropriate treatments are available through our residential and commercial pest control. Bed bugs, rodents, and more can be tackled too.

Types Of Problematic Wildlife In Gilbert 

Raccoons and pest birds are among the wildlife present in Gilbert. Raccoons have tubby three feet long bodies, weighing about 15 to 40 pounds. Brown or black fur covers their frames. Three dark rings adorn their tails, and a bold mask-like mark surrounds their eyes. Appearing hunchbacked, these animals have short front legs and long back ones.

During a food shortage, raccoons will leave natural environments in residential or urban zones. They’ll go through garbage cans, tossing the matter everywhere. Plants with fruit and nuts will be plucked. The critters will also consume fellow pests. You might see their dens near tree holes, porches, and sheds. Raccoons will settle in crawl spaces, attics, and chimneys too. Signs of infestation include:

  • Seeing damaged trash bins and gardens
  • Noticing ruined wiring, insulation, foundations, screens, shingles, and siding
  • Finding paw prints and piles of nested organic debris
  • Hearing loud sounds outside or wall scratching

Pest birds vary in size and color. Many are roughly 6 to 11 inches long. Regarding shading, they can be gray, white, brown, black, or a mixture. Their feathers and tails may have stripes or other splotchings. Some have bright beaks or feet. Generally, fowls gravitate to trees and sheltered spaces, like steeples and structural voids. Swarms often surround buildings and utility lines as well. It takes a wildlife expert to eliminate populations. 

The Dangers Wildlife Bring To Gilbert Properties

Raccoon and bird control must be prioritized. Raccoons have the propensity to be aggressive with humans and pets. Moreover, they can carry fleas and ticks, tularemia, histoplasmosis, rabies, and tuberculosis. Seek immediate medical attention if there’s an injury or illness. 

Pest birds have slippery and acidic fecal waste that could spoil paint and age buildings. They harbor ticks, fleas, lice, and mites in their coats. Toxoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, and histoplasmosis are a few of the conditions they’re linked to. Fowls will destroy fruit trees, gardens, farms, and trash containers. If they nest in dryers or vents, fires can start. Wildlife control services are required for these issues. 

Practical Wildlife Prevention Tips For Gilbert Properties

Wildlife management can’t be accomplished with retail goods and “do it yourself” tricks. These pricey avenues will only exterminate small groups of critters, and they are hazardous. A wildlife expert should do raccoon and bird control. Though you shouldn’t do wildlife trapping independently, you can do the following:

  • Use secure garbage canisters.
  • Sit plants and trash away from the property.
  • Trim grass and greenery frequently.  
  • Discard organic debris.
  • Remove standing water.
  • Attach screens to vents, windows, and chimneys.
  • Seal cracks in foundations, rooflines, and venting.
  • Contact Pro Active Pest Control if you have critters that raccoons eat.

The Key To Effective Wildlife Control In Gilbert

We at Pro Active Pest Control have safe and advanced wildlife removal tools. Our solutions include spiking, netting, exclusion work, sanitation, and more. Warranties are an option. Call to get a free quote on wildlife control services today!