Lincoln's Wildlife Control Made Simple

Squirrel on a roof

All it takes is one cute, little furry critter exploring your yard to destroy hours upon hours of hard work you put in to create a beautiful bed of flowers or vegetable garden. From afar, these critters can be fun to watch and even bring a sense of calm. However, that calm can quickly become distress when wildlife make your Lincoln home their own.

The best way to stop wild animals from destroying your yard or entering your home is to prevent them from entering your yard in the first place. Pro Active Pest Control is your Lincoln pest control expert in wildlife control and removal. Whether you need residential or commercial pest control, we cover everything from skunks to rodents and more.

When life hands you wildlife, don't hesitate to contact Pro Active Pest Control for wildlife removal services.

Common Types Of Nuisance Wildlife Found In Lincoln

Because of population growth, it is common to find wildlife and humans coexisting in backyards. By no means does this imply that you can coexist peacefully with the animals. If wildlife is on or near your Lincoln property, you must first decide whether the pest is a nuisance or an actual threat. 

Nuisance wildlife can damage property, be seen as a danger to human health or safety, or be persistent and annoying. An animal should not be regarded as a nuisance if it is not bothering you, is just passing through, lives nearby, or is only seen occasionally and poses no threat.

On the other hand, destructive wildlife destroys your yard, eats your garden or flowers, poses threats to your livestock or pets, ruins your lawn, and causes damage to your house.

Some common types of problematic wildlife include:

  • Moles, voles, and gophers
  • Rattlesnakes
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Beavers
  • Squirrels
  • Rats and mice
  • Skunks

If you suspect you may have a wildlife problem, contact Pro Active Pest Control. We are Lincoln's wildlife expert when it comes to nuisance wildlife removal.

The Dangers Nuisance Wildlife Brings

Nuisance wildlife can seriously endanger the health of your family, your pets, and you. Numerous wildlife species can infect humans with diseases or parasites. An animal entering your home to build a nest brings waste. They leave behind feces and urine that are contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and parasites around the nest area. 

Most wildlife that builds nests inside your home will wreak havoc on the area around the nest. When squirrels, rats, or raccoons enter your home, they typically chew on electrical wires, wood, and insulation. Some species of damage your interior walls and drywall. They are also likely to reproduce, and the longer they are allowed to stay, the more problematic they become.

Contact your Lincoln home pest control right away if unwanted wildlife is taking over your yard or if you see any signs of property damage.

Natural Ways To Make Your Property Less Inviting To Wildlife

Deterring wildlife from your Lincoln property doesn't have to be a complex strategy. Removing standing water around your property, removing brush, leaves, and other yard debris, securing garbage cans, trimming tree branches close to your home, and sealing any gaps or openings will usually get the job done.

These simple home maintenance tasks will make your property less inviting to wildlife. When these methods aren't working, call Pro Active Pest Control.

Total Wildlife Control For Lincoln Homes

Nobody wants wildlife wandering around their property or inside their homes, but you want their removal to be humane. To find out more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Lincoln, get in touch with Pro Active Pest Control. We can safely remove wildlife on your property and help you discourage populations from returning.