How To Get Rid Of Earwigs In Mesa Homes

An earwig crawling on a kitchen counter

Without accurate details about a situation, you won’t approach things soundly. This applies to most scenarios, especially those involving insects and creatures. Accurate and complete information about critters and defense techniques is needed to guard your Mesa home. Several species can swiftly slip inside your place and multiply. You may not know of an issue until belongings or structures are ruined. Sudden health complications could arise too. 

Earwigs are among the bugs that perplex people. Many are unclear about where they come from or if they’re dangerous. Due to this, several myths linger. Folks defer to earwig repellent from retail stores, but such items can fall short. Learn more about all of this and how to get rid of earwigs with Pro Active Pest Control. We provide residential and commercial pest control.  Bed bugs, rodents, and more can be addressed.

What Do Earwigs In Mesa Look Like?

Earwigs are 0.20 to 0.98 of an inch long. While they vary in size, they’re all the same reddish-brown color. Their bodies are very flat and lean. Four wings lay upon them, but they’re incapable of flight. Two pincers sit out from their stomach; these appendages are utilized for reproduction, grasping prey, and self-protection. No matter the case, an odorous substance will be emitted. Should you experience an earwig pinch, you’ll have slight pain and a tiny scratch, but your skin won’t be broken. 

What Attracts Earwigs To Your Mesa Home?

Yards and crops appeal to earwigs because they feast on greenery, sprouts, rotting vegetation, and the like. They’ll also eat fellow insects. Shady areas that are cool and damp are ideal for them to drop their eggs. It’s typical to find these creepy crawlers around mulch, gardens, rocks, and logs.  

Here are additional important facts about earwigs:

  • They are busy in the evenings
  • They are known for running fast  
  • Dry weather moves them to enter dwellings
  • Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and similar are their usual hiding spots
  • Though they come in clusters, an earwig infestation is rare

Five Myths About Earwigs

Myth #1: They love to slide in human ears: earwigs aren’t more or less likely to crawl in your ears than any other insect. 

Myth #2: They consume human brains: These critters only eat natural matter, bugs, and fare.  

Myth #3: Earwig pinches are deadly: As previously explained, bites from these insects aren’t lethal. 

Myth #4: Earwigs are the same as silverfish: The two pests aren’t identical. Silverfish are more colorful, have more appendages, and munch on different things.

Myth #5: Earwigs carry diseases: Fortunately, these insects don’t transmit illnesses. 

How To Keep Your Mesa Home Earwig Free

Commercial pesticides and earwig repellents are often costly, ineffective against substantial insect populations, and hazardous. Organic “do it yourself” measures have these flaws too. The following are better options for “at home” care:

  • Rather than soil, use gravel for your property’s perimeter.
  • Distance wood, rocks, and plants from the property.
  • Mow the lawn and trim the greenery regularly.
  • Direct downspouts and gutters away from foundations.
  • Add sweeps to all exterior doors.
  • Close up holes in foundations.  
  • Regulate warmth with a dehumidifier.
  • Replace yellow outdoor lights with white ones; earwigs aren’t as attracted to the latter.
  • Examine outdoor furniture, flowers, newspapers, and packages before pulling them indoors.
  • Place food and garbage in airtight containers.

Again, only the professional interventions of Pro Active Pest Control will get rid of earwigs. We have industrial-grade home pest control treatments that are safe and eco-friendly. Our solutions are guaranteed to stop an earwig infestation or infiltration. Avenues include foundation applications and perimeter barriers. Call today for a free pest control quote!