Sacramento Homeowner's Guide To Keeping Silverfish Out

A silverfish infestation in a Sacramento California home

In the world of pests, there are plenty of dangerous creatures that can put your family at risk. However, there are some that look dangerous but are relatively harmless. Silverfish are this way. Despite their creepy appearance, they can’t directly hurt you or your family. However, their presence could indicate issues with your home that might attract other pests, pests that can hurt you. If you spot silverfish in your home, you need to be aware of the issues that attracted them in the first place.

What Do Silverfish Look Like?

Silverfish are named after two things: their silver, metallic shells that cover their brown bodies; and their fish-like wriggling movements. The easiest way to identify silverfish is to look for three long antennae on their posteriors. They also have two long antennae on their other ends. Their bodies are teardrop-shaped, and they have tiny heads.

Should I Be Worried About Silverfish In My Sacramento Home?

Silverfish aren’t harmful to humans. They can’t sting or bite, and they don’t carry diseases, nor do they have any way to spread diseases if they did. However, they can cause problems. They can destroy paper goods, including wallpaper; they stain clothing and other fabrics; and they can contaminate food. While none of these things pose a direct threat to your health, these problems can cost money.
Additionally, the presence of silverfish in your home means that you might have problems that are attracting other pests. Silverfish usually come inside when it’s too hot and dry outside. They seek out cool, damp areas to nest, like basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where moisture accumulates. Finding silverfish in these areas typically means that moisture is building up, which can easily attract more dangerous pests, such as cockroaches or termites.

Silverfish Prevention Tips for Sacramento, California, Residents

As with all pests, you want to prevent silverfish from entering your home since they are much harder to get out than they are to keep out in the first place due to their nocturnal schedule and fast movements. Use these prevention tips to help keep silverfish out of your home.

  • Remove access to water sources. Fix leaky pipes and drains, use dehumidifiers, and regularly clean out gutters to remove water buildup.
  • Seal cracks, openings, and holes on your foundation, siding, doors, and windows. Inspect openings for utilities to make sure nothing can squeeze in. Attach door sweeps to exterior doors.
  • Properly store food in plastic airtight containers. Don’t leave food sitting out on counters or tables.
  • Surround mulch beds and gardens with stones and rocks.

If silverfish are becoming a problem in your Sacramento home, call Pro Active Pest control now. We offer a 100% service guarantee that will get rid of silverfish and other troublesome pests in your Sacramento home. We’ll inspect your home to find out where the silverfish are hiding and figure out what issues are causing them to invade your home. We’ll then create a custom service plan and use the most up-to-date products to get rid of them.
After your silverfish infestation is taken care of, we provide year-round protection to make sure more infestations don’t occur. If any infestations occur in-between your scheduled treatments, we’ll come out and handle them at no extra charge. Whether you’re dealing with silverfish or more dangerous pests, like cockroaches or rodents, we’ll make sure to get your pest problem under control. Call Pro Active Pest control today and get ahead of the pests.