How Can I Quickly Get Rid Of Ants In My Elk Grove Home?

A carpenter ant

Have you ever seen ants crawling in a line around your property? Or maybe you’ve seen them in your kitchen trying to get into your pantry? Ants are common pests in Elk Grove, and while they might be rather prevalent, it doesn’t mean they are no big deal. Most ants in Elk Grove are quite invasive, and some can be dangerous or destructive. It’s important to know how to identify ants in Elk Grove and learn how to prevent them. 

How Can I Tell What Type Of Ants Are In My Elk Grove Home?

The majority of ants in the area are technically considered nuisance pests because they don’t cause significant property damage or harm people, but this categorization is a bit misleading. It implies that ants aren’t that much of a problem and only just a slight frustration, but the truth is that even harmless ant species can be really difficult to remove.

The main nuisance species that invade area homes include pavement ants and Argentine ants. While pavement ants are usually outside, Argentine ants often come indoors and are known for their large colonies. Pavement ants are black and often seen coming out of sidewalks, while Argentine ants are a yellowish-brown color.

Then, there are the more dangerous species. The first is the fire ant. You can identify fire ants by their reddish-orange color and small stinger. Their bites and stings are painful and occasionally dangerous. There are also carpenter ants which aren’t particularly dangerous but can destroy property as they tunnel through wooden structures. 

Signs Of An Ant Infestation In Elk Grove Homes

It’s rather easy to identify an ant infestation by seeing the ants themselves, but there are other signs of ants that you should know about. Sometimes, these other signs will appear before you ever see an ant, so it’s good to know about them in order to identify an ant infestation as quickly as possible.

These are some of the main signs of ant activity:

  • Finding discarded wings around the property
  • Rustling noises in the walls
  • Discovering piles of dirt around the yard
  • Noticing sawdust trails or hollow-sounding wood; a sign of carpenter ants.

The Best Solution For An Ant Infestation In Elk Grove

Ant control is something that many homeowners try to handle on their own, and it can be easy to assume that products at the store will remove ants effectively. However, this is rarely the case. Most trap and bait options that you get will only remove some of the ants, and they won’t eradicate the entire infestation.

Ant colonies can contain thousands of individual ants, and they can also span underground or throughout the structure of your home. The only way to effectively remove ants is with residential pest control help.

Prevent Ants From Coming Back To Elk Grove Homes

If you have ants around your home, the best thing to do is contact the residential pest control experts at Pro Active Pest Control. Or, if you’re looking for ant prevention, you can also give us a call to keep ants out year-round.

Along with our pest control plans, you can also follow a few ant prevention steps on your own, such as:

  • Cleaning up crumbs and spills right away.
  • Sealing up holes in the exterior walls and foundation.
  • Taking out the trash often and getting lids for garbage cans.
  • Repairing broken screens.

Get started with effective ant prevention and control by contacting Pro Active Pest Control.