Gross! What Kind Of Ant Is This?

Ants on a plant

Ants. No one likes to deal with them, but most people encounter them from time to time. Ants in Elk Grove are prevalent pests that invade in large numbers. Some ants are nuisance pests, but others pose health risks or damage property. 

Regardless of what ant species you're dealing with, finding them crawling around your home can be pretty disgusting. Ants make you feel uncomfortable and disgusted in your own house, so you'll want to know how to prevent and remove them. Find out how to identify ants in the area and get ant control tips from the Pro Active Pest Control professionals.

The Problems Indoor Ants Can Cause In Your Home

Ants get into homes. Some ants mainly live outdoors, but others, like the odorous house ant, often look indoors for food and shelter. But, while the odorous house ant is mostly just a nuisance, species like the pharaoh ant can transmit illnesses such as salmonella. 

Here is a brief guide to some of these frequent ant invaders:

  • Odorous house ants are brown or black and about ⅛ of an inch long. They are best identified by the smell of rotten coconuts they emit when crushed.
  • Pharaoh ants are mostly yellowish-tan but have some darker coloration. Their colonies can contain hundreds of thousands of individuals.
  • Carpenter ants are dark brown and can tunnel into wooden structures to build their nests.

All ants will invade food sources if they get a chance. They will look for small crumbs around your house or get into pantries and carry food back to their nests. So, while most indoor ants aren't dangerous, you still need to discard any food they have contaminated. There's also the carpenter ant to worry about it. They damage everything from flooring to walls to siding as they tunnel into wood to build their colonies.

The last problem to be aware of regarding ants is how invasive they are. Most colonies contain thousands of ants, and they create their nests underground or in the internal structures of your house. It can be challenging to get ants under control or remove them on your own for these reasons.

The Best Ant Killer Options For DIY Pest Control

Many people want to remove ant infestations on their own. There are DIY products that can eliminate ants on contact. You'll find a variety of sprays and traps that target ant problems, and these solutions can help to an extent. But, they aren't a long-term solution. Ants are hard to prevent, given their large numbers and small size, so we don't suggest relying solely on DIY pest control.

The best way to deal with ants is to take steps to prevent them in the first place, and the Elk Grove pest control team at Pro Active Pest Control is here to help.

Let The Professionals Handle Ant Infestations For You

Ants are an annoyance and quite disgusting to have around. We know it's much easier to prevent ants than to remove them. Pro Active Pest Control provides home pest control plans that target all common ants.

If you already have an active ant infestation, you have come to the right place for help. Our team here at Pro Active Pest Control can handle it. Call today to get a quote or book an ant control inspection.