Preventing Autumn Wasps Around Greater Sacramento

A yellow jacket facing a Sacramento resident face on as it protects its nest

We hope to not need to worry so much about stinging insects, such as wasps as fall approaches. However, wasps can stay active and aggressive well into the fall months. You will want to continue to be diligent in watching for signs of wasp activity around your greater Sacramento-area home. If you follow some simple tips for avoiding getting stung and for mitigating infestations, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your property wasp free this fall.

If you have a problem with wasps around your Sacramento home, don’t try to deal with it yourself. Call Pro Active Pest Control. At Pro Active Pest Control, our technicians can safely remove wasp nests and examine your home for factors that may be contributing to the wasps' presence. We not only treat for wasps and other stinging insects, but we offer rodent control, bed bug control, and more for both residential and commercial properties.

Wasps Busy in Fall  

The warm weather in Sacramento through the fall months allows wasps to stay active. By the time fall arrives, wasp nests can be quite large, as the queen has built up her colony. Fall can be one of the most dangerous times to encounter a wasp nest, as nests are crowded and members are competing for space and food. There can be upwards of several dozen wasps in one nest.

Tips to Avoid Getting Stung  

To avoid getting stung, the most obvious tip is don't disturb a wasp nest. That may be easier said than done, as wasps can build their nests in unusual places. It’s always a good idea to check under your patio furniture, the undersides of picnic tables, and around railings before sitting down or grabbing hold. You should also look up and make sure there aren’t nests under awnings, eaves, or overhangs.

Mitigate Infestations

Getting control of other pest problems can help keep the number of wasps on and around your property down. For example, clearing spider webs from around the exterior of your home may keep wasps away, as they will eat spiders. Wasps also eat garden pests such as caterpillars and aphids, so keeping garden pests at bay may help keep wasps away.

Professional Pest Control

If you’d like to be proactive in keeping wasps away from your home, consider a year-round pest control plan from Pro Active Pest Control. We can help you choose the service that is right for your Sacramento-area home. Regular pest control helps eliminate problems before they start.
Should you discover that you have a wasp nest or an unusual number of wasps on your property, contact us. Trying to remove a wasp nest on your own can be dangerous. While wasps aren’t overly aggressive, they will sting if they feel threatened. If you disturb a nest full of wasps, they are likely to retaliate. Our technicians can safely remove the nest with no harm to you. Contact us to help keep your Sacramento home wasp free this fall.