The Best Advice Roseville Homeowners Can Hear About Paper Wasp Control

A paper wasp on a picnic table

There are many kinds of pests that you might encounter in your Roseville home. While some of these pests aren’t much of a problem and are mostly considered a nuisance, there are others that can pose health risks or cause property damage. One type of pest that many people are afraid of dealing with is the wasp. This is because they can sting and leave painful marks, and they can also be difficult to get rid of.

One species of wasp commonly found in the area is the paper wasp. These wasps, sometimes referred to as umbrella wasps, are named because the material that they use to make their nests looks like paper. 
While paper wasps look similar to some other species of wasps, there are some distinct characteristics they have that set them apart. Here are what paper wasps look like:

  • They are brown with yellow or red markings.
  • They have six long, thin legs.
  • Their antennae are long and their wings are thin.
  • One of the best ways to identify them is the fact that their nests look papery.

Are There Benefits To Paper Wasps?

When you think of stinging insects such as bees, you likely know that they serve an important purpose in the ecosystem. However, when thinking of wasps, you might not realize that they also provide these same benefits. Paper wasps are also pollinators which means they are important in helping food production for many species, including humans. They can also be helpful because they feed on other insects which means they play an important role in controlling small insect populations.
While paper wasps can be good for the environment, this doesn’t mean you want their nests in your yard. This can pose some health risks mainly because their stings can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Also, their stings are painful. Very painful!

Keeping Paper Wasps Away From Your Yard

Paper wasps aren’t as aggressive as you might think, but they will sting if they’ve been disturbed by humans, especially if you disturb their nest, or even get too close. This is why people are most likely to get stung while trying to get rid of nests. One of the best ways to keep from dealing with wasps is to make your property less attractive to them by reducing access to food and standing water on your property.
Here are some ways to prevent paper wasps and make your yard less appealing to them:

  • Keep trash cans secure with tight-fitting lids.
  • Don’t leave pet food or human food outside.
  • Clean up any food or drink spills.
  • Avoid having things like standing water where wasps can drink from it.
  • Secure pools and hot tubs with covers.
  • Seek professional pest control assistance.

Getting Rid Of A Nest

Even if you think the nest is inactive, it’s safest to not try to get rid of it on your own. The most effective and safest way to get rid of an infestation is to contact the professionals at Pro Active Pest Control. We provide commercial and residential pest services, and we can provide safe paper wasp removal as well as prevention assistance. Please give us a call to find out more. We are happy to help.