5 Simple Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Elk Grove Home

A wolf spider crawling on wood

When it comes to common phobias, fear of spiders is right at the top of the list. Lots of people are afraid of spiders because of their freaky appearance and venomous reputation. The truth is the majority of spiders in your home are harmless, and those that are venomous are rarely deadly. But that doesn’t mean anyone wants a house full of eight-legged roommates.

But don’t worry! With a few simple steps, you can prevent spiders in Elk Grove from getting into your home. Let’s begin by getting to know the types of spiders that live in the area.

Types Of Spiders In Elk Grove

Wolf Spider

The wolf spider is known for its scary appearance and lightning speed. These hairy spiders can measure anywhere from just ¼ of an inch to well over 2 inches in diameter or larger. They don’t spin webs, but rather, hunt their prey on the ground. Wolf spiders aren’t venomous but will bite if threatened, resulting in pain and swelling.

Black Widow Spider

Perhaps the most infamous of all arachnids, the black widow spider has a venomous bite that can be harmful to humans but rarely fatal. Black widows can be identified by their black coloration and distinct red hourglass pattern on their undersides. They usually measure between ¾ of an inch to 1 ½ of an inch in diameter. A bite from a black widow can cause intense pain, muscle cramps, and vomiting among other symptoms. Medical attention should be sought immediately if you or someone you know is bitten by a black widow.

Cellar Spider

The cellar spider, or daddy long legs, is represented by some 20 species in the United States. These spiders are usually pale yellow in coloration with incredibly elongated limbs relative to their small bodies, ranging anywhere from ¼ inch to 2 inches in size. They are not venomous and pose no danger to humans. Cellar spiders do, however, weave large and intrusive webs that can clutter your home if left untreated.

Yellow Sac Spider

Like wolf spiders, the yellow sac spider does not weave webs but instead builds a silk sac for shelter. These spiders are typically ¼ inch in diameter with yellow coloration and black-tipped feet. Yellow sac spiders are mildly venomous and will bite if threatened, but a bite is not lethal.

Now that you’re familiar with common spiders in the Elk Grove area, let’s talk about how to stop them from getting inside.

5 Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

  1. Eliminate other pests. Spiders will often enter your home in search of prey, and if you have an infestation of common pests like ants or flies, a spider population may develop. Clean surfaces in your home thoroughly, properly dispose of all food, and ensure that trash receptacles are securely sealed to reduce and prevent the presence of insects that spiders feed on.
  2. Tidy up. Clean and organize any cluttered areas where spiders may be hiding. This includes relocating firewood and stones leaning against your home and decluttering in attics and basements as well. If you see any existing spider webs, use a vacuum to suck them up.
  3. Turn off the lights. Your outdoor lights attract tons of bugs that spiders love to eat. Keeping your lights off at night reduces the number of flying insects on your property and accordingly, the number of hungry spiders.
  4. Reduce moisture. Many spider species are attracted to moist environments. Check your pipes and faucets for leakage and make sure they are sealed tightly. Consider using a dehumidifier to dry out the air in your basement and reduce the spider population.
  5. Seal points of entry. Check window screens for tears and patch with sturdy tape. Replace any faulty weather stripping around doors and windows. Look for cracks or damage to the foundation of your property and use caulk to seal any entry points.

The most important step for eliminating spiders in your home is to get professional assistance. The experts at Pro Active Pest Control have the eco-friendly, pet-friendly pest treatment services to get rid of spiders in your home and prevent them from coming back.

If you need help with spiders in your Elk Grove home, get in touch with us today.