Effective Solutions For Bird Control: Professional Services You Can Count On In Gilbert

Birds outside a home

Gilbert, Arizona, is a community on the move. Once known as an agricultural area, it has transformed into a vibrant urban city. One nice thing about Gilbert is that people can still enjoy outdoor attractions within its city limits. Plenty of trails weave their way around this urban hotspot, allowing people to stay connected to nature and wildlife. One pest that rules the airways and often gets lured to urban settings is birds. Without pest control in Gilbert, these winged pests could start making a mess of local properties.

Why Pest Birds Love Urban Settings

Whether you own a home or business in Gilbert, birds are bound to visit. Birds have three basic needs. They require food, moisture, and shelter. Unfortunately, for property owners in Gilbert, urban settings are one of the best settings for birds to survive and thrive, making bird control necessary. Businesses and high-rise apartments often provide sheltered nooks and crannies that are high off the ground and hard to reach. Birds will use ledges, overhangs, soffits, and alcoves for roosting. Residential areas provide many of the same nooks and crannies as businesses but also give birds additional options, such as porches, chimneys, attics, and balconies.

Trash (food) in unsecured bins and streets can satisfy a bird’s basic needs. Parks and other recreational areas draw birds when people provide them with easily obtained and plentiful food supplies. In residential areas, simple bird feeders can attract unwanted birds; some love the seeds, and the nuisance birds often chase away birds you are trying to attract.

In landscaping, birds can use clogged gutters, overwatered lawns, and standing water sources to fulfill their water needs. Even pooling water from air conditioners can satisfy their moisture needs. Bird baths and water decorations can attract pest birds, making their visits a regular occurrence on your property. If you can’t figure out why birds seem comfortable on your property, it’s time to obtain bird control services from experts like Pro Active Pest Control; we offer quality bird control services to Gilbert homes and businesses.

All The Ways Pest Birds Can Be Problematic For Property Owners

Birds chirping in the trees or swooping through the air are beautiful. When they become a permanent fixture around your property, they can cause significant damage.

Four ways birds can prove to be problematic include:

  1. Contamination and disease (bird droppings)
  2. Damages to structures (droppings are corrosive)
  3. Water damage (obstructed drains and gutters)
  4. Equipment malfunctions/fire hazards from nesting materials (chimneys, ventilation systems, machinery)

Homes and businesses are costly investments. Allowing birds to have free reign around properties can lead to expensive damages, potential health risks, and loss of revenue. Pro Active Pest Control offers safe and effective  bird control services in Gilbert.

Do-It-Yourself Bird Control Usually Falls Short Of Effective

Bird control is difficult since birds are “high-wire specialists” when roosting. Nests typically get established in extraordinarily high and hard-to-reach locations. One fall from an elevated place can cause catastrophic consequences. Additionally, roosting areas are filthy. Attempting to clean these areas without proper experience and equipment can make you ill. Lastly, some birds are protected; therefore, it’s always important to check with a bird pest control expert near you before removing them. Pro Active Pest Control has bird control specialists who can identify bird species and recommend various bird control methods to remove them safely.

The Most Effective Bird Control Solution For Your Property

Property owners can achieve effective bird control solutions by using a pest professional like Pro Active Pest Control. Our company is family-owned and locally operated. We provide eco-friendly and green pest control solutions combined with Integrated Pest Management techniques that are safe and effective. We offer various options for nuisance birds and warranty all our bird services. For pest control and bird removal, call in the professionals at Pro Active Pest Control today for a free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Gilbert.