Pest Birds Can Be A Real Problem For Gilbert Businesses

Pigeons on a concrete ledge

Pest birds in our area can be a nuisance at best, and at worst harm structures and endanger people’s health and well-being. These birds can cause your business many problems, putting your property, employees, and customers at risk.  

Regarding bird control, the best results come when businesses team up with a Gilbert pest control company. While many people may not equate pest control and birds, if you’ve ever had an issue with birds on your property, you likely already know why professional bird control is necessary. 

This article will explain more about pest birds and the trouble they cause on properties. We’ll also review why DIY bird control falls short of being effective. Read on to learn the best way to deal with problematic birds on your commercial property from the pros at Pro Active Pest Control.

Why Pest Birds Love Urban Settings

Urban settings offer a variety of amenities that attract pest birds. Commercial buildings offer safe places for birds to nest and roost. Cities have fewer animals considered predators of birds, and our pets often scare away any animals that would normally hunt birds. 

Additionally, food is readily available to pest birds in urban areas, whether from well-meaning people feeding them or from litter and garbage. Areas with outdoor fountains or water retention ponds will also attract many pest birds.

If birds are causing issues for your Gilbert business, it is time to take action. Working with a bird pest control expert near you, such as Pro Active Pest Control, can help protect your business, customers, and staff from these pests.

All The Problems Pest Birds Can Create For Your Business

Bird control services are a necessity to protect your business from several types of liability. The troubles that come from pest birds on your property can range from an annoying nuisance to endangering people and equipment. The following list details some of the problems pest birds can create:

  • Bird droppings can cause people to slip and fall on your property.
  • Pest birds spread diseases such as histoplasmosis (from droppings), toxoplasmosis, and salmonellosis, which can make people very sick.
  • Birds contaminate surfaces and can cause food poisoning.
  • Bird's nests and feces can damage electrical equipment, air conditioning units, ventilation systems, and roofs.
  • Pest birds can introduce other pests to your property, including fleas, lice, mites, and ticks.

If birds are a problem on your commercial property, Pro Active Pest Control offers professional bird control near you.

Do-It-Yourself Bird Control Usually Falls Short Of Effective

Your business, customers, and employees are too valuable for you to risk using do-it-yourself bird control methods. If you have already tried some over-the-counter products, you likely already know how easily birds can be accustomed to them. 

Scare balloons, plastic birds, and decoy snakes are all marketed as bird control devices. Unfortunately, these methods and products are often ineffective and will waste time and money. The safest and most efficient way to deal with birds on your property is to contact Pro Active Pest Control for all your bird control needs.

Contact The Bird Control Experts To Protect Your Business Today

Whether you need assistance controlling birds on the interior or exterior of your property, or a specific service such as warehouse bird control, our experts are here to help. Pest birds endanger your property, employees, customers, and reputation. 

As longtime business owners, we understand local businesses' needs and are here to help with all your pest control needs. Contact Pro Active Pest Control today to schedule your initial visit and keep problem birds away from your business for good.