How To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Lincoln Property

Pigeon on a bench

Most California residents love urban birds and enjoy feeding them. Unfortunately, pigeons can become a nuisance, especially when they invade your home in large numbers. Pigeon droppings are corrosive, with the whitish goo eating through your shingles. The droppings can be unsightly when the birds defecate on your walls. Your health may also be at risk when the birds bring pathogens and parasites into your home. Pest control in Lincoln can keep the pigeon population in your home low through humane bird removal protocols.

Why Pigeons Love Urban Areas

Pigeons are the perfect example of birds and wildlife adapting to urbanization. The highly-intelligent birds are quick learners and quickly adapt to any environment. Here are a few reasons pigeons prefer to live in urban centers:

  • Easy access to food from residential bird feeders or grains scattered in city parks
  • More places to roost and nest, including residential roofs, balconies in apartment blocks, bridges 
  • Fewer predators in the urban centers than out in the wild, guaranteeing their survival
  • Additional vantage points for taking flight and landing
  • Ample sections for the pigeons to congregate in large numbers

Though pigeons are typically harmless, they can quickly become a nuisance in urban environments as their population soars. Bird pest control in Lincoln can help keep the numbers manageable within your home. 

The Many Problems Pigeons Can Create Around Your Property

Most homeowners welcome pigeons into their property, unknowingly inviting trouble into the home. Here are a few of the problems pigeons can cause within your home:

1. Property Damage 

Pigeons often nest in roofs, chimneys, gutters, and attics. The birds can damage your roof as they try to find an entrance to the attic. Roof and gutter damage can result in water leaks within the home. The acidic droppings can corrode your shingles. A wall smeared with bird poop may not be pleasing to look at. 

2. Disease Transmission

Pigeons carry more than 60 types of bacteria and viruses. Hosting infected pigeons within your home can spread dangerous infections to your family or pets. Some of the common diseases pigeons transmit include:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Avian tuberculosis
  • Salmonellosis

You can keep your family safe through a bird control service near you.

3. The Spread Of Parasites
Pigeons can be infected with mites, ticks, roundworms, tapeworms, and fleas. The infested birds roosting in your home can create an infestation, spreading the dangerous parasites to your pets. Protect your pets with bird removal services in Lincoln. 

Factors That Attract Roosting Pigeons To Your Property

To repel pigeons, you need first to understand what's attracting them. Pigeons are very even-keeled emotionally, but they're also extremely sociable animals that like congregating. They'll often roost together in a location where they can have:

  • Space to nest and raise chicks, such as your roof
  • Nooks, crannies, and other hiding spots in trees and eaves
  • Plenty of food through your bird feeders
  • Lots of water, such as bird watering spots or fountains
  • Warmth during the cold months in your attic

Removing the conditions attracting the birds offers effective bird control solutions for your Lincoln property. 

The Most Effective Bird Exclusion Method For Your Property

The best way to eliminate the invasive pigeons from your property is to hire a residential bird control expert. At Pro Active Pest Control, we use humane bird control methods to trap and remove the pigeons. We can also assist in cleaning up the nesting materials present in your home. 

Our professionals understand California bird behavior and can advise how to prevent a future re-infestation. Call us today to discuss pigeon bird control for your Lincoln property.