Six Simple Tips To Keep Pantry Pests Out Of Your Mesa Home

Indian meal moth crawling in pantry

Pantry pests invading your Mesa home can be a nightmare and result in a significant amount of food loss. Our six simple tips can help keep pantry pests out of your home and ensure your food storage areas stay safe.

How Do You Get Pantry Pests?

The answer to 'how do you get pantry pests' is important to understand if you want to easily combat these pests. In general, the types of pantry pests you will encounter in Mesa include Indian meal moths (also known as pantry moths), flour beetles, grain beetles, and cigarette beetles.

All of these pests will lay their eggs in stored food products and feed on the contents of the food items. As their eggs turn into larvae, they will also feed on the stored food, something that creates a cycle of infestation in your home. Most of the time, pantry pests infest products that are in grocery stores and will invade your home once you bring home a contaminated product, but pantry pests may also slip through cracks or gaps in your house in order to invade food storage areas.

Prevention Tips For Mesa Pantry Pests

The following tips can act as an effective pantry pest repellent and assist you in keeping your home safe from these pests.

  1. When purchasing food products that you will store, make sure you check the outside of the containers or packaging. Don't purchase anything that looks like it has damaged edges, rips, or holes in the packaging, as this can indicate that pantry pests have already invaded it.
  2. With clear packaging, look closely at the contents inside. If the food appears to clump together or you see hints of sticky webbing inside or outside the package, then it is likely infested with pantry pests.
  3. As you store any food items you buy, you should consider transferring them to plastic, airtight containers. This storage method will help seal off your food products from pantry pests or help keep an infestation contained if you accidentally purchase something infested. 
  4. To prevent adult pests from entering your Mesa home, you should seal off any potential entry points. Ensure that exterior windows and doors stay closed as often as possible and seal up holes or gaps around windows, doors, and your foundation.
  5. Check window and door screens and weatherstripping and door sweeps to ensure that your home is completely pest-proof. Replace any broken screens and double-check to make sure there are no gaps or cracks in the screens.
  6. Clean out your food storage areas regularly and make an effort to use older items first. This rotation prevents food from sitting too long in your pantry and allows you to catch any infestation before it becomes a major problem.

Professional Pantry Pest Control

Instead of investing in a pantry pest repellent or another DIY removal method, you should put your faith in professional pantry pest control. The professionals at Pro Active Pest Control will be able to provide you with assistance for an existing infestation or give you further prevention advice. Contact Pro Active Pest Control today for expert pantry pest control.