Tarantulas in Queen Creek: Not Just At the Pet Store

Tarantula Spider crawling on the ground.

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Spider Information

Like insects, spiders are classified as arthropods, meaning they are invertebrates with an exoskeleton; however, they are actually predatory arachnids. Spiders are characterized by having two body segments connected by a thin pedicel, eight legs, and no wings or antennae. They have a diet consisting of insects, other spiders, and various other small vertebrates.
Tarantulas are large spiders that range from two to four inches that exist in various species throughout Arizona, where they tend to be most active during the late summer and fall months. Based on how they have traditionally been depicted, Tarantulas are hairy and often feared. One of their defensive capabilities involves releasing their urticating hairs that contain venom against possible predators. 
Tarantulas are burrowing creatures that reside in crevices such as holes in the ground, voids within tree trunks, or beneath rocks. They do not spin webs and are predominately nocturnal creatures that remain in their burrow during daylight and emerge at night to hunt prey, including crickets, cockroaches, and some tiny mice. Tarantulas can live a long life, typically ten years among males and sometimes more than 20 years among females.

The Dangers Of Venomous Spiders

Tarantulas have fangs, are venomous, and can deliver a painful bite to humans if provoked. Humans might develop a rash from exposure to the hairs of a tarantula, but their bites pose a minimal health risk to humans. 
Two of the venomous spiders that are potentially more dangerous to humans are the black widow and brown recluse spiders. Black widows often measure ½ inch long and have a shiny black body with a distinctive red marking on their undersides. Brown recluse spiders are identifiable because they have six rather than eight legs and have a “violin-like” marking on their back.
People who a black widow bites may exhibit symptoms including chills, fear, or nausea and need medical attention. The brown recluse can deliver a painful bite that causes the skin to redden and itch. In rare cases, the bite causes necrosis, which results in blistering and disfigurement. Based on the potential health risks, people are discouraged from attempting to encounter these two species. 

Best Practices For Preventing Spiders

There are several things that you can do to help keep spiders out of your property:

  • Spiders are attracted to spaces where prey exists. Therefore, if you notice them invading your home, you might have a problem with insects or similar pests.
  • Repair any holes in screens, fill any cracks near the structure’s base with caulk or sealant, and install sweeps along the bases of exterior doors.
  • Limit bright exterior lighting after dark, such as those in entryways that attract many flying insects (and likely spiders).
  • Consider switching to the yellowish light bulbs for these fixtures, which are less likely to attract insects.
  • Safely remove any spider webs to discourage them.

Properly Responding To Pest-Related Problems 

Have troublesome and potentially harmful pests invaded your property? Consulting with a licensed pest controller is the best course of action for efficiently safely expelling them for humans, pets, and the local environment. 

Local Provider Of Effective Pest Control Solutions 

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