What To Do When The Birds In Roseville Are No Longer Charming

Pigeon walking on a ledge.

Birds are fascinating creatures that bring a lot of enjoyment to many people. Whether you have a bird feeder in your yard, or just like admiring pretty birds when out and about, chances are, at one point or another, a bird has brought you joy. The only problem is that beautiful birds can very quickly turn into troublesome pests. If birds are using your Roseville property to nest, feed, or use as a restroom, your opinion of them might be a bit more cynical. Luckily, there is a way to keep these pest birds at bay.

Not All Birds Are Pest Birds

When we talk about pest birds, we are not referring to hummingbirds or other friendly birds that enjoy eating seeds from feeders. We are talking about birds like pigeons, crows, and grackles. These birds love to scavenge for the food we leave behind. Whether it is a hotdog on the pavement or a few dropped chips, where food is, these birds will be as well.
These pest birds also often prefer living around human-populated areas. They will find nesting spots on top of buildings, inside plumbing ventilation shafts, in chimneys, on top of garages, behind damaged shingles, and even inside gutters. Of course, this is not where they belong. The closer these birds are to humans, the more likely they will be to cause trouble.

Problems Pest Birds Cause

Pest birds all share one thing in common. They can all spread dangerous diseases. In fact, over 60 dangerous diseases have been linked to pest birds here in the United States. Here are just a few:

  • Avian Botulism
  • Avian Influenza
  • Avian Cholera
  • West Nile Virus
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Salmonella
  • Avian Pox
  • Aspergillosis

Birds spread these diseases in their fecal matter. If you own a restaurant with outdoor seating, birds can contaminate tabletops and seating areas, putting your diners at risk. The same goes for homeowners hosting outdoor cookouts.
Pest birds can also carry fleas and ticks. When around homes and businesses, these parasitic pests can jump off and onto our pets. If you didn’t know, these tiny pests are also vectors for some pretty serious diseases, including:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Bourbon Virus
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Murine Typhus
  • Plague

Why Pest Birds Are Hard To Treat For On Your Own

It might seem easy to deal with pest birds; all you have to do is yell at them, and they'll fly away, right? Although this amy be true, pest birds usually do not stay away for long. If they are nesting around your property, or there is a regular food source available for them to scavenge, there is not much you can do to keep them away. You may try and seek out DIY methods to get rid of them, but we should inform you, most do not work, or they only work for a short time. You need a solution you can count on.

The Solution You Can Count On

Here at Pro-Active Pest Control, we are in the business of making homes and businesses as uncomfortable to pest birds as possible. Depending on the scope of the problem, this may include using netting, harmless spikes, or other exclusion methods. With all of our treatments, we keep your building’s aesthetics in mind. 
We love to help people with their pest problems and enjoy every smile our services bring. If you are ready to find your freedom from pest birds, Pro-Active will get the job done.
Give us a call today if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment for your Roseville home or business.