Pigeons in Gilbert: What Every Resident Should Know

Pigeon on a tree branch.

Pigeons can be a common sight in Gilbert, but this doesn’t make them less dangerous to encounter. It is important to understand pigeons and proper bird control solutions so that you avoid any negatives from these pests.

Understanding The Dangers Of Pigeons

Pigeons are grey birds with whitish-colored lower backs and two black bands on their wings. They also have a broad black band on their tail and reddish-colored feet. Pigeons are so common that most individuals often don’t pay attention to them or the areas that they inhabit. However, pigeons are much more dangerous than many individuals believe, something that can cause problems when a pigeon infestation grows out of control. 

While most people know not to touch pigeons, there is less knowledge about the other dangers pigeons can bring.

  1. Pigeon infestations can bring with them a serious buildup of droppings. Not only can pigeon droppings increase the risk of humans slipping and falling, but they may also speed up the aging of structures and encourage the growth of fungus, which can cause problems like histoplasmosis.
  2. Pigeons carry a number of illnesses on them, such as cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and gastroenteritis. You can contract these illnesses by coming into contact with areas touched by pigeons, the pigeons themselves, or pigeon droppings.
  3. Pigeons will often carry on them other pests such as fleas, ticks, lice, and mites. These pests can drop off around your property and cause problems for both humans and pets. They also bring their own risk of diseases and infestations.

Bird Control And Prevention

The best bird pest control is investing in proactive prevention. The following tips can assist you with bird control and ensure that you discourage pigeons from roosting on your property:

  1. Pigeon-proofing your property is essential in keeping these birds away. You can make nesting and roosting areas inhospitable to pigeons by installing steel prongs such as bird spikes in these areas. You may also want to cover vents or other outdoor areas with screens or netting to prevent pigeons from sitting on them.
  2. Ensure that there are no outdoor areas with food or water on your property. These are both major attractants for pigeons and can bring them flocking to your home or business if left out and unguarded constantly. Store all pet food indoors and address moisture issues to deter pigeons.
  3. Do not feed pigeons, especially if they are near your Gilbert home or business; this will only encourage the birds and cause them to continually return to your property in hopes of another free, easy meal.
  4. Install sloped areas around windowsills, ledges, or other outdoor areas. Pigeons will not be able to build their nests if there are no flat surfaces, so a slope can deter these pests from settling on your property.
  5. Seal potential entry points pigeons might use to get into your home. Pigeons generally prefer attics, so you may want to invest in a chimney cap and repair holes in your roof that could allow entry.

Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Birds?

The best way to get rid of pigeons that have already established themselves on your property is with professional assistance. The experts at Pro Active Pest Control can help provide you with effective residential bird control and targeted bird control solutions that allow you to take back your home or business from these pests and avoid the dangers of a pigeon encounter.