Who Else Wants Earwig Prevention Tips for Their Sacramento Property?

Earwig crawling on a tree branch.

You may already have some tricks for keeping ants out of your kitchen or mice out of your closets. But are you prepared to protect your home from earwigs? Do you even know what earwigs are? These creepy pests can make their way into your home without being noticed.

They aren’t harmful to humans, but they can damage your belongings and they are a nuisance pest that can be terrifying to encounter. We’ve done the work for you of gathering the basic information you should know about earwigs, their behavior, and how to keep them out of your Sacramento home.

What Are Earwigs and What Do They Look Like?

Earwigs are known for their distinctive pincer-like forceps. These menacing pincers make them look threatening and dangerous, though they aren’t likely to try and pinch you. Earwigs also have antennae and wings, but they don’t fly. They can be as small as a fourth an inch, or over an inch long.
Earwigs are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night. They eat other insects, some vegetation, and decaying matter. In your home, they may eat organic garbage or anything made with paper or cardboard.

How Can I Prevent Earwigs from Coming into My Home?

To prevent earwigs, you need to first understand what attracts them. They may find their way into your home because you have organic matter left out. They may find their way into the trash in the kitchen or messes throughout the house.
You may also find earwigs because of a moisture problem. They love damp, dark areas. You may find them in basements or attics eating old books, papers, or boxes that are stored in damp areas. To fix this, use a dehumidifier and check for any leaks or water damage around your home.
You can also prevent earwigs by taking a look at your yard. They’ll show up in your yard long before they appear in your house. If they find plenty of rocks or mulch to hide under, they may stick around. Clear your yard of debris and make sure that you don’t have wet soil right against the edge of your house.

What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Earwigs?

Even with a clean yard, earwigs could still find their way to your home. You’ll probably see them in damp areas at night. Maybe on your way to the bathroom, or during a trip down to the basement in the evening.  They’re extremely unpleasant to run into!
Luckily, a quick phone call to Pro Active Pest Control can solve your earwig problem. Our fast and efficient pest control will have your house pest-free in no time. When prevention fails, Pro Active is here with quick elimination plans at any time of year.