How Pests In Your Mesa Home Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Spider in its web in a basement.

Pests are all around us, even if we don’t realize it. There are many different kinds of insects living outside and crawling around on the ground or in trees. There are also rodents and wildlife species that find their way onto properties or inside our homes. And, while many pests usually live outdoors, some of them thrive when living inside homes and businesses. Unfortunately, many pests in Mesa also pose health risks, so knowing how to keep them away is important.

While not all pests in the area are dangerous, many of them do pose health risks to some degree, and some are much more serious than others. It can be easy to understand these risks since all of us will see a variety of pest species throughout our life, and most people see pests inside their homes or around their properties at one point or another.

Which Pests Are The Most Dangerous?

Some species, such as silverfish and centipedes, are mostly just nuisance pests, although they can still be invasive and damage some belongings. But, on the other hand, certain species are partially problematic to have around as they can pose health risks to both people and pets.

Some of the most dangerous species are rodents, roaches, and some species of ants, and here are some of the problems they can cause:

  • Rodents are known to cause respiratory problems such as hantavirus, allergies, and asthma attacks. They can also spread illnesses such as salmonella and rat-bite fever.
  • Cockroaches are known to carry over 35 different diseases such as dysentery, salmonella, and typhoid fever.
  • Pharaoh ants are known to spread harmful pathogens to people and to contaminate food.
  • Mice and rats can bring around parasites such as ticks and fleas.

Why You Must Deal With Pest Infestations Swiftly

If you ever have any of these dangerous pests around, or even if you see some nuisance pests, it’s not a good idea to ignore them. You could be putting your health and the health of others at risk, and many pests can also cause property damage.

Instead of trying to deal with these problem pests on your own, let the pest control experts at Pro Active Pest Control take over. We offer reliable residential and commercial pest control plans that are comprehensive and safe for you, your family, and your pets. The easiest way to start protecting your home is by giving us a call today. 

Five General Pest Prevention Tips

In order to keep your home free of dangerous pests and other invasive, nuisance ones, there are some general pest prevention measures you can take, such as:

  • Reducing access to the home by repairing broken screens in doors and windows and installing door sweeps and weatherstripping.
  • Removing moisture issues by using dehumidifiers and ensuring good ventilation.
  • Sealing up the exterior of the home, fixing holes with foam and caulk products.
  • Cleaning up kitchens often and wiping up food and drink spills immediately.
  • Seeking assistance from pest control experts. 

Get started protecting your home from spiders, rodents, wasps, cockroaches, ants, and more by contacting us today to request a quote.