The Best Form Of Bird Control For Your Mesa Property

Two pigeons on a railing.

Birds can be fun to watch. Many people put out food for them. However, when birds nest or loaf around on your house, a tree on your property, or in your landscaping, they can cause a real problem. Because most birds are protected, the situation can be frustrating. 

Pest Birds In Mesa

There are several pest birds in Mesa. The below birds are the most common offenders. 

  • Rock dove (pigeon): Pigeons are native to Europe. They are one of three birds that are not protected because they are an invasive species. Usually gray with iridescent feathers on the head, they may also have other markings. They are often members of large flocks in urban areas.
  • English sparrow: English sparrows are another import and are not protected. They nest in large, noisy flocks in trees and in vines on buildings. They have tan on the bottom and darker brown with black accents. They also have a short, sharp bill that can crack seeds with ease.
  • European starling: This is the third unprotected bird, also from Europe. They are about the size of a robin and have dark feathers with speckles. Starlings are aggressive birds and will drive native birds away from food and roosting sites. They nest in flocks of thousands and are very noisy.
  • Gila woodpecker: This bird is protected by law. They are gray with black and white wings and heads and have a splash of red on them. They peck on trees, wood buildings, branches, and utility poles. Their drumming can be very loud and very annoying.
  • Swallow: This migratory bird is slender and sleek. Its return to North America is a herald of spring. It makes its mud pellet nest against the wall and ceiling of walkways, porches, and other covered areas. Swallows are very territorial and will defend their nests against anyone or anything that comes too close. This makes it hard to use areas they are nesting in.
  • Crow: This bird is protected. It is a shiny, iridescent black. They are very intelligent and travel in large flocks. They will defend their nests or areas they live in. This frequently brings them into conflict with humans.
  • Grackle: This bird is also protected. It is a black bird with a green/blue or purple iridescence. The head has a purple iridescence. These birds travel in huge numbers. They are aggressive and will snatch food off of people’s plates outside. 

Pest Bird Damage

Bird droppings cause a major mess. The droppings are slippery, foul-smelling, and a health risk. Bird droppings can clog roof drains, reduce the life of your roof, and eat the paint off your car. The mess and noise repel homeowners, employees, and customers. The droppings can also carry diseases and the birds can carry parasites.  

Preventing Bird Problems

Bird problems are difficult to prevent, but there are some things you can do. 

  • Make sure trash cans have tight-fitting lids. 
  • Do not feed the birds. 
  • If you eat outside, protect your plate from birds trying to steal your food. 
  • Remove leftover food from the outside quickly.

Getting Rid Of Pest Birds

Getting rid of existing problem birds is difficult. It takes equipment and knowledge most people do not have. Pro Active Pest Control can help. We know what products work and the bird species they work for. We also have the equipment to get on roofs, in trees, and in other hard-to-reach places to install the equipment. Don’t try to get rid of birds yourself. Contact Pro Active Pest Control today to get rid of them safely and legally.