Why Centipedes Come Into Lincoln, CA Homes

A centipede crawling in a basement

Lincoln, CA homeowners can’t chance having insects and creatures around their property. Most can be very detrimental. If they don’t hurt folks with their bites and stings, they might spread germs and diseases. Several can ruin personal belongings and buildings. Lots can do all of the aforementioned. Many creepy crawlers are tough to get rid of, but if they’re talked about often, people might have an idea of how to conquer them. Otherwise, it can be a confusing and stressful time confronting a pest that’s unusual to you.

Centipedes don’t generate much discussion. Their origins and motives are not common knowledge. It’s just as unclear what their risk factors are and how you can prevent them. You can learn all these things now, and find out how Pro Active Pest Control can be of assistance.

How Do Centipedes Look & Behave? What Are the Hazards?

Centipedes range in size and color. Their segmented and flat bodies can be less than an inch long, or up to 5 inches. While some are brown or red-orange, others are yellow or white. A lengthy pair of antennas and 15 to 177 legs outline their frames. These creatures are carnivorous, eating up vertebrates, worms, and spiders. Using their claws, they inject a paralyzing venom into their prey.

Dark and damp settings draw centipedes. Therefore, you can expect to see them in any room with a sink or drain. For instance, the laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom. Attics, basements, and closets will also be focal points. These pests will enter your domicile through holes in foundations, doors, and windows. When outdoors, they’ll be festering and dropping eggs in moist soil.

Since centipedes are most active at night, spotting one during the day is confirmation of an infestation. Further, it implies that you have other critters lurking on your land. Once more, these bugs consume other pests. The primary problems with centipedes are:

  • Their bites will cause mild pain to humans.
  • You can experience skin irritation after having contact with them.
  • They leave hard to remove stains on surfaces and fabrics when they’re smashed.

What Are Ways to Prevent Centipedes?

Thankfully, centipedes aren’t a major or mortal threat to humans, domestic animals, or individual items. In any event, they are not welcome. No one wants to potentially have a bite or irritated skin. Having tarnished sheets or clothes isn’t an inviting prospect either. Much less, having to hard scrub a counter or table. Do the following to keep centipedes away:

  • Repair leaks and moisture malfunctions immediately.
  • Wash your exterior air vents and gutters regularly.
  • Regulate the warmth by using a dehumidifier.
  • Reduce the amount of clutter and avoid piling storage items against the wall.
  • Vacuum rugs and carpets often.
  • Seal gaps in windows, doors, and foundations.
  • Mow the grass and trim greenery on a routine basis.
  • Sit plants at least two feet away from the property.
  • Discard decaying organic debris, such as dead leaves.
  • Make sure outbuildings stay neat.

Contact Pro Active Pest Control if you have critters centipedes feed on.

How Will Pro Active Pest Control Handle Centipedes?

You can rely on Pro Active Pest Control for quality and thorough home pest control service at an affordable rate. Our technicians are skilled and certified by the state. First, they’ll conduct a full inspection to identify centipede nests and passageways. Then, they’ll use our advanced, industrial-grade treatments. Rest assured, our solutions are safe for humans, pets, and vegetation. Avenues will involve exterior protection barriers to thwart future invasions. Guarantees are attached. Quarterly and bi-monthly visits are available to provide coverage throughout the year. Guard your home! Don’t get bitten! When you call us today at Pro Active Pest Control, you’ll be offered a free quote!