Having Fleas In Your Home Bites


Did you know that springtime is key flea control time? Just like many other pests in the Greater Sacramento area, fleas are dormant throughout the winter, but as the weather warms they begin to become more active. Their eggs will hatch and come summertime you, your family and your pets will be under attack.

Pro Active Pest Control maintains control of fleas from the outside in. We do both an exterior treatment to get rid of any colonies living in your yard, as well as an interior treatment on carpeted areas and places where pets spend most of their time. Vacuuming the interior of the home by the homeowner before we come, and as much as possible the month after we treat your home is essential to helping flea treatments work.

About Fleas

Fleas can be found just about anywhere, but they are mostly found outdoors and brought inside via human and animal chauffeurs. Manage their outdoor environment and you can manage their population. Adult fleas are fairly particular about their habitat and easier to deal with. The trouble is that adult fleas typically account for only about 10% of your total flea population. And their eggs are much hardier and therefore harder to get rid of.

Fleas like moist, shady areas in the yard. Moisture also encourages their eggs to hatch, supports egg laying and flea larvae. In other words, get rid of as many damp and densely shaded areas in your yard as you can. If you already have flea problems, their habitat needs to be found and eliminated.

After our initial treatment, we return in about two weeks to treat for any flea eggs that may have hatched. Remember, with any pest control and especially for insects, it’s essential to break the egg lying cycle.