Identifying A Rat Problem In Your Lincoln Home

Black rat near a rock wall

Rats are rodents that some people keep as pets and find to be interesting and intelligent animals. Other people are terrified of these creatures and never want to see one, let alone own one as a pet. However, while pet rats can be great, wild rats in Lincoln are dangerous. Even if you don’t mind rodents, you don’t want rats in Lincoln homes because they can cause health problems and destroy property. In this guide, you’ll learn how to identify rats in the area and get help with rat control.

Identifying Rats In Your Lincoln Home

There are two rat species that commonly invade homes in the area and throughout the country. The most frequent is the Norway rat, also known as the brown rat. These brownish-grey rodents can get around 12 inches or more in length, and they are known for being great swimmers. This ability has allowed them to spread throughout most of the world.

Then, there are the roof rats, also known as black rats. They are slightly smaller than Norway rats and a dark brown to black, but they look similar overall. Roof rats are amazing climbers, which allows them to get onto roofs or into attics.

Signs Of A Rat Infestation In Lincoln Homes

Besides actually seeing the rats themselves, you can also identify rats by some other signs they leave behind. Rats often leave a lot of indicators around, and these are some of these signs you should look out for:

  • Seeing greasy “trail” marks along walls from where the rats walk in the dark over and over
  • Finding rod-shaped droppings or bits of fur
  • Smelling a strong ammonia smell that comes from the rat urine
  • Discovering chew marks around walls, plastic, drywall, and wires
  • Hearing scratching or scurrying noises coming from the inside of walls
  • Noticing small paw prints around the property

Are Rats Dangerous In Lincoln

If you’ve noticed signs of rats around your home, you’re probably wondering just how much of a problem these rodents really are. The truth is that rats are dangerous. While not every infestation is going to leave you sick, there is some risk. They can spread pathogens that lead to diseases like salmonellosis and rat-bite fever, and their urine, feces, and fur can lead to respiratory problems, including hantavirus.

Along with being risky to your health, rats can also cost you a lot of money on home repairs. They have strong incisors that never stop growing, so they chew on things continually to grind them down. They can damage electrical wires, plumbing, drywall, wood, and many personal belongings. 

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Lincoln Homes

Because rats are so difficult and create so many problems, getting professional rat control from the experts at Pro Active Pest Control is the best way to go. Rats reproduce quickly, and they are a challenge to remove using DIY methods. However, our trained team has the skills to remove rodent infestations and keep them from coming back in the future.

Learn more about rodent control in Lincoln by giving us a call today. We can also help you set up an inspection at a time that works for you.