Easy Changes To Ensure A Pest-Free Home In The Greater Sacramento Area

A Sacramento home owner cleaning out gutters

Having pest problems at home can seem unavoidable. With the Greater Sacramento area’s warm, summer weather all manner of insects, arachnids, and rodents are out in full force. Eradicating all of these pests is unlikely and actually not recommended. Here are some changes that you can make around the home to minimize their presence.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Do you have trees or shrubs on your property? Are they touching your house? Branches act as a great pathway for ants and rodents to access your roof and home. Trim branches away from your home by at least 3 feet to prevent easy access.

Clear Debris Away from Your House

Stacked firewood and debris next to a house creates shelter for insects. Carpenter ants and termites will use it as a base of operations for entering your home. Have dedicated space for storage away from the house. Also avoid leaving piles of debris sitting around for any length of time as pests are always looking for the opportunity to establish a new home.

Remove Standing Water

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This also creates food for other insects, attracting even more pests to your home. Make sure that water drains away from the home; keep gutters clear of build-up year-round; and, fix areas of poor drainage in your yard.

Seal Cracks and Repair Screens

Note any gaps or cracks around doors, as well as holes in exterior vents and grates (see our articles on Wolf Spiders and House Centipedes). Seal cracks and repair or replace damaged screens. The fewer entry points on the outside of your house, the fewer pests making their way inside. Just like the exterior, seal and fill gaps and cracks near doors, windows, and vents inside your home.

Clean Up Food Scraps

The biggest attractant for pests is the promise of free food. Keep your home clear of accessible food and crumbs through regular housecleaning. Empty your garbage often as the scent of rotting food is glorious to pests.

Make these simple changes to your habits around the home and be proactive about preventing pests. And, of course, contact Pro Active Pest Control to help remove current and prevent future pests from taking up residence in your home.