Why Sacramento Homeowners Should Consider Year-Round Pest Control

A Technician spraying a Sacramento yard

Many homeowners pride themselves on the care they put into their property and home. Landscaping is a part of life, and well-trimmed hedges are the result of years of practice and patience.

While some people chose to do home care themselves, many outsource the job to more qualified professionals. Pest control is no different except, with this task, few people have the same passion for it as professionals. Unlike with bad landscaping, the consequences of bad pest control carry a little more weight than a poor neighborhood image.

The Problems Pests Cause

When it comes to problems pests cause, books could be filled. To save you from hours and hours of reading, let's break things down to more reasonable and digestible content.

To keep it simple, the pest problems can be separated into three categories:

Threats to our homes

Many pests fit into the category of home-destroyers, and different pests do a variety of damage. Some are minor, such as ants exploring your kitchen countertops. Others can create more extreme havoc, like termites hollowing out your baseboards or mice starting an electrical fire in your walls. Every home-destroying pest is different, but all of them pose a threat to your home.

Threats to our health

Pests are generally not the cleanest of animals. For instance, pests like cockroaches and rats will spend their days crawling through filth before venturing out at night to scavenge your accessible leftovers. Combine this with the fact that many pests carry dangerous diseases, and you soon realize that a pest problem is a serious concern. A pest presence in your home can pose serious health risks to your family and your pets. Besides sickness, some pests can be dangerous, such as wasps and bees, especially to those who are may have an allergic reaction to a sting.

Threats to our well-being

Finally, we can all agree that pests, in general, reduce our quality of life. No one moves into a home with the hopes of finding mice or house centipedes. Pests are pests, plain and simple. In order to stay well, we must eliminate any pest problem we encounter in our home. The question is, are you passionate enough about pest control to do it right?

Why You Can Trust Pro Active

When it comes to pest control, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone more committed to you, your home, and your property than Pro Active. Not only are we committed, but we have been perfecting our art for years.

As a homeowner prides himself on the beauty of his hedges, we pride ourselves with how we handle pest control. If you want a home that is free of pests, take a look at our year-round residential pest control packages, and discover just how perfect Pro Active can be for you!