Termite Control In Elk Grove: Everything You Need To Know

Termite on damaged wood

When was the last time you saw a termite? Chances are you have seen tons of termite damage in your life but have never seen these little bugs, or at least didn’t know what they were when you did. This is for a good reason. Termites are one of the most elusive insects here in Elk Grove. They are also the most destructive.

To help you spot and deal with these pests locally, here are some things to consider. Call our team at Pro Active Pest Control if you want our help with termite control in Elk Grove. We will pay your property a visit and utilize comprehensive treatments and strategies to get rid of these terrible little pests.

Termite Activity: How To Identify The Signs

When termites break into homes, they do not announce their presence like many other local insects might. These destructive bugs invade silently. If possible, they go directly from exterior soil to the structural wood of buildings. Keeping this in mind, if you want to identify these pests early, you have to know the signs they leave behind. Common signs of termites include:

  • Mud tubes
  • Swarmers
  • Overly-squeaky floorboards
  • Tight-fitting doors and windows
  • Moisture spots
  • Swelling of structural wood
  • Hollow sounding wood

For help with termite identification, bring in our team at Pro Active Pest Control for a quick inspection. 

From Bad To Worse: How Termite Damage Can Escalate Quickly

It is not possible for termites to destroy your home in a week. These pests will not gnaw through wood at the same speed beavers might. They damage properties gradually. The problem lies in how they damage homes slowly and quietly. By the time people notice a problem, colonies are already mature, and issues are already severe.

To make things worse, termites will happily share a source of food with neighboring nests. If your home has plenty of tasty wood, these pests will continue to reproduce and increase the rate at which they nibble away at your floors, walls, and ceilings. This is why it is best to have some form of preemptive termite control in place to stop these bugs before they decide to invade.

Protecting Your Property: Effective Termite Prevention Methods

We are not going to lie to you and say there is nothing you can do to stop termites on your own. If these pests are not currently inside your home, there are lots of simple prevention strategies that will help you keep these bugs away. Here are some of the best termite prevention tips to utilize today.

  • Remove cellulose-rich items like cardboard, newspaper, sticks, leaves, fallen trees, and dead stumps from your property.
  • Make sure your gutters are working properly.
  • Address sources of moisture build-up inside and around your home.
  • Repair damage to piping and fixtures.

For an easier solution for termite damage, talk with our team at Pro Active Pest Control.

Professional Termite Extermination: Know When To Call In The Experts

There has never been a better time to invest in professional termite treatments in Elk Grove. Whether these bugs are currently eating their way through your home or you are worried about a future invasion, we have what you need at Pro Active Pest Control.

Our team will pay your property a visit, identify if you are having a problem, and utilize advanced treatments to deter and eliminate these destructive little bugs. Call Pro Active Pest Control to find out more about termite control in Elk Grove and find out how we might help you combat these wood-destroying bugs.