Stop Silverfish In Their Tracks: Top Techniques For Control For Lincoln Homes

A Silverfish crawling in a home

Silverfish are common household pests and are likely one of the strangest-looking insects that will find their way into your Lincoln, California, home. While silverfish are more of a nuisance than a serious danger, they do pose problems, and keeping them out of your home is essential. No one likes sharing their home with insects, especially unsettling ones!

Pro Active Pest Control professionals are here to help you learn about these unique insects and assist you in keeping them and other common household pests from feeling at home inside your house. You can count on us to provide you with the pest control services in Lincoln that are necessary to remove these unwanted pests

Signs Of Silverfish: How To Identify The Problem

Identifying a silverfish infestation in your home can be difficult because these insects hide out of sight in dark, quiet areas like attics, basements, crawl spaces, closets, and cabinets during the day and emerge to forage for food at night.

To help you identify an issue with silverfish in your home, you need to have a clear understanding of what they look like. Silverfish have a distinctive appearance with the following physical characteristics:

  • Flat, tear-dropped shaped body
  • Blue to silver shiny scales covering the brown or gray body
  • Two long antennae
  • Three-bristle-like appendages extending from the tail
  • Six legs

Another notable thing to know about silverfish is the way they move. Silverfish move in a wriggling manner, making it appear that they are swimming across the surfaces of our homes. If you regularly spot what you think are silverfish in your house, contact a pest control professional for assistance. The longer they are allowed to live rent-free in your home, the more difficult it will be to eliminate them. 

Damaging Effects Of Silverfish In Your Home: What You Need To Know

Though we generally consider silverfish nuisance pests, you need to know the damage silverfish can cause when they enter our Lincoln homes.

A silverfish’s diet is primarily starchy materials, but they also eat proteins and sweets. When inside our homes, silverfish use books, upholstered furniture, clothing, carpet, and cardboard as food sources. They also get into pantries, feed on, and contaminate stored foods like flour, oats, cereal, and dry pet food. As silverfish feed, they create holes and cause unsightly damage. 

It is also important to note that silverfish have high moisture needs and are attracted to high-humidity areas. If silverfish are comfortable inside your home, there is likely a moisture issue caused by poor ventilation or leaky pipes that you need to address.

Take Action Against Silverfish: Get Rid Of Them Once And For All

Never feel the need to share your home with silverfish. They entered your home without your permission, and you have every right to evict them as quickly as possible! 

Pro Active Pest Control professionals are here to help you get rid of silverfish once and for all. We will perform a thorough inspection to identify where they are entering and what is attracting them. Then, we will develop a treatment plan. Our eco-friendly pest solutions will work to remove silverfish and other household pests and provide you with recurring visits to ensure they won’t return.

To learn more about our Lincoln residential pest control solutions, call us today!

Effective Prevention: Tips To Keep Silverfish From Returning

Along with our professional services, we want to offer some helpful tips to keep silverfish from returning to your home:

  • Use silicone caulk or another material to seal cracks in your home’s foundation.
  • Install door sweeps under all exterior doors, especially basement doors.
  • Replace damaged door or window trim on your home.
  • Remove dry goods from their original packaging and place them in airtight containers before storing them in the pantry.
  • Place books, papers, or fabrics you want to store in hard-sided containers with locking lids.
  • Eliminate excess moisture from your home using dehumidifiers, repairing leaky pipes, and improving your home’s ventilation. 

Reach out to us at Pro Active Pest Control today for help with silverfish and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Lincoln.