Wolf Spiders: Fun Facts, Prevention And Control In Elk Grove

Close up of a wolf spider

Have you ever seen a wolf spider inside your home? They are the big ones with furry bodies and thick legs. If you have not seen these pests inside your home, we assure you that you don’t want them around.

Regardless of your experience with wolf spiders, here are some things you should know about these creatures and how to keep them out of your Elk Grove home. Call our team at Pro Active Pest Control if you would like our assistance in handling an active pest problem. We will find out if you are dealing with wolf spiders and find an option for local spider control that will best help you handle these invasive arachnids.

Interesting Facts About The Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are not like most other local arachnids. To start, they are a bit bigger than other species. Females grow to be upwards of 1 ⅜” long and are dark brown with pale or yellow stripes or markings. Where many common spiders spin webs to catch their prey, wolf spiders hunt from the ground. Some of these pests can run upwards of two feet per second. That’s pretty speedy. It is also terrifying to witness.

The good news is that these pests usually stick around basements and other secluded areas. As your spider infestation gets worse, however, you will start to notice these pests crawling around in your kitchen, living room, and other main living areas.

Wolf Spider Bites Are Painful But Rare

You do not want to suffer a wolf spider bite. The pain of this pest’s venom is comparable to that of a wasp or bee. Its venom is not, however, life-threatening to the average person. If you have an allergy to spider bites, you might suffer a more severe reaction.

Keeping all of this in mind, your chances of suffering a bite from one of these pests are slim. Wolf spiders go out of their way to avoid humans. They will only attack if they feel directly threatened or trapped. Our recommendation is to avoid sticking your hand in dark crevices around your home. To keep away from these pests entirely, consider investing in some form of spider control.

Wolf Spider Prevention Tips That Work

There are a lot of methods that are supposedly “effective” at keeping spiders at bay. We would like to take a moment to sift through the sea of control options to find a few tips and tricks that actually work. Here is what we have to offer:

  • Make sure all of your doors and windows are properly sealed and in good working condition.
  • Address damage to exterior door and window screens.
  • Keep unscreened doors and windows closed as much as possible.
  • Turn off exterior lights at night.
  • Seal gaps, holes, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation using a caulking gun.

To guarantee wolf spiders and other common types of spiders stay out of your home, bring in our team for effective treatments. 

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Way To Keep Wolf Spiders Away

Investing in professional spider control has never been easier. Our team at Pro Active Pest Control works diligently to ensure members of our community have options to deal with all sorts of common pest problems.

Let us find a treatment that will work for you and deal with the wolf spiders inside and around your home. Contact our dedicated team at Pro Active Pest Control to learn more about our spider removal and prevention offerings and find an option that best works for you and your Elk Grove property.