Five Simple Tricks To Keep Earwigs Away From Your Elk Grove Property

Earwig crawling on tree limb

Whether they’re as dangerous as old wive’s tales claim or not, earwigs are nasty bugs that you don’t want on your property. Learning how you can prevent them, and the host of other pest problems they can attract is how you can make sure earwigs are never a problem for you.

Earwigs: What To Know

Earwigs are small insects that are noted by their large pincers on their rear ends. It’s from this distinctive feature that people get all kinds of notions about how dangerous earwigs must be and the health risks they cause. While these are largely overblown, earwigs can be nuisances that cause other problems. While they are predominantly a garden pest, staying outdoors and finding leafy greens to eat, earwigs occasionally invade indoors. Not only can they frighten people, but earwigs can also attract other pests, especially spiders that hunt them, onto your property. It’s these ancillary pest problems that make earwigs insects to avoid.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

While you’ve probably heard the horror stories about earwigs crawling inside of people’s ears and somehow damaging the brain tissue deep within the cranium, these are misconceptions. Earwigs don’t really burrow into people’s ears, and they certainly can’t access your brain through your ear canal. “Well, then what are those scary-looking pincers for?” you might be asking. While earwigs can use those to pinch skin, they aren’t strong enough to break the surface and cause a wound. Instead, earwigs use their rear vices as an extra way to clamp onto grasses and leaves, more effectively crawling up vegetation and maintaining their hold while eating. Earwigs are nuisance pests that don’t pose larger health risks as some other pests do. That doesn’t mean you want them around, however. Earwig populations that go unchecked can lead to damaged plants in the yard, contamination of food items, and larger pest infestations.

Earwig Prevention For Your Property

Even though they aren’t as dangerous as people think, earwigs can still contribute to many of the same problems as other pests. Leaving them to grow unhindered can wind up costing you more in the long run, not only to get rid of the earwigs themselves but also to the other pests they may have attracted to your property. Here are general pest prevention tips that are good to employ:

  • Crack sealing: Earwigs are tiny, so they like other pests can fit through even the slightest crack in a wall. Regularly checking your exterior and making repairs where needed is a good habit to get into.
  • Windows & doors: Faulty screens and gaps in door thresholds can also provide garden insects with a way inside. Maintain screens on all doors and windows and install door sweeps that reduce any gaps around the frame. 
  • Exterior treatments: The best way to protect against earwigs and other invasive pests is with thorough treatments of your yard, administered by a professional technician.

Pro Active Pest Control Is Here To Help

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