Lincoln House Spiders: How To Keep Them Out!

A house spider crawling inside

There are estimated to be more than 3,000 different species of spiders found in North America. Spiders are often misclassified as insects, but they are actually considered arachnids that consume other living creatures exclusively. Some of the key characteristics of spiders that make them different from insects include having a body with eight legs and no wings or antennae.

Spiders In The Lincoln Region

One of the most common types found in the Lincoln region is the common house spider, also referred to as the American house spider. The American house spider is a smaller type that generally ranges from five to eight millimeters, has a rounded abdomen, and appears in multiple shades of brown, yellow, white, or grey. Although the house spider will bite, they pose no legitimate risk to human health and are considered more of a nuisance pest. 
Unfortunately, spiders in this region often leave their natural habitat and find their way inside local homes and businesses. In addition to spiders, the team of professionals with Pro Active Pest Control has successfully eradicated problems involving bed bugs, rodents, and a host of other troublesome pests for residential and commercial customers.

Understanding The Indoor Behavior Of House Spiders 

Once indoors, the American house spider will generally begin spinning tangled webs in the corners of rooms, near windows, or other areas where flying prey may exist. Although these creatures are somewhat territorial, multiple spiders may construct their own webs in structures where food is plentiful. The females generate small, silky, brown sacs throughout the year that hang in their webs and may contain hundreds of eggs.

Best Practices For Preventing House Spiders 

Are you looking for some tips to help you keep spiders out of your home or business? We’ve got you covered.

  • Spiders will primarily travel to locations where insects are active; therefore, limiting their prey indoors is essential.

  • Try to minimize exterior lighting, particularly near windows and entryways that attract lots of flying insects. Consider installing the specialized yellow bulbs in these fixtures, which have proven less likely to attract flies. 

  • Reduce entry points by carefully inspecting the property’s exterior for cracks or holes located around the foundation and fill them with a durable caulk or sealant product.

  • Promptly repair any holes in screens, and check the seals surrounding doors and windows for any gaps that have developed.

  • Apply weatherstripping and door sweeps as needed.

Properly Responding To Pest Control Problems 

Many local property owners attempt to take matters into their own hands by purchasing do-it-yourself treatment options from local home improvement stores or online retailers marketed using sensationalized claims of being a quick and easy solution. In reality, many of these products, including sprays, fogging systems, and bait stations, deliver only mediocre results and contain chemicals that pose health risks. The best course of action is to consult with a licensed local pest controller that is well-equipped to get the job done right. 

Experienced Local Pest Control Professionals 

Did you know that Pro Active Pest Control is a family-owned provider of pest control services that supports the local Lincoln community by using eco-friendly products and application methods that have proven to be safe for the environment? Also, our customers recognize how our team of specialists is equally committed to providing the highest-quality customer service and always standing behind the quality of our work with a satisfaction guarantee. 
Our properly trained staff is prepared to conduct a detailed inspection of the premises to determine critical information, including the entry points, the extent of the pest intrusion, and the best way to prevent subsequent pest invasions. Give us a call today for an onsite inspection and estimate.