The Most Effective Bird Control Method For Your Queen Creek Property

Pigeon peeking from a window sill.

Although many people enjoy observing and listening to active birds, many types of nuisance birds often become bothersome for Queen Creek property owners. Birds will congregate on eaves and ledges, may build nests, and leave trails of their waste. Among the most common nuisance bird species are pigeons, woodpeckers, and house sparrows.

Are you in need of professional residential bird control services? Seeking assistance from a licensed pest control professional is a smart move for solving these types of problems.

The local professionals with Pro Active Pest Control deliver results for residential and commercial customers struggling with a host of unwanted pests. In addition to providing safe and efficient bird control solutions, we provide bed bug control, rodent control, and many other treatment options. As a professional Queen Creek pest control company, we will choose the best methods associated with bird control for pigeons on your property or other nuisance pests.

Why Pest Birds Love Urban Settings

Nuisance birds often live in urban areas when the environment affords them access to sources of food. For example, birds often gather near areas where humans haphazardly discard food, including picnic areas or benches in parks, outdoor sports venues, and fast-food restaurant parking areas.

Many manufactured structures such as homes, buildings, bridges, and parking garages also offer birds semi-sheltered locations for creating nests. In residential settings, some homeowners install birdfeeders and birdbaths.

The Many Problems Roosting Birds Can Create On Your Property

Experts suggest that pest birds in the U.S. may carry more than 50 various diseases. Some common examples include salmonellosis, histoplasmosis, allergic alveolitis, which is sometimes called” pigeon lung disease,” and more. Birds also may carry fleas, ticks, and other dangerous parasites.

The excrement that nuisance birds create is often acidic and will degrade the finishes of vehicles, signs, and exterior building materials. Bird nests might clog gutters or downspouts and could pose fire risks.

It's Extremely Difficult To Get Rid Of Pest Birds On Your Own

Are you wondering how to control the bird population on your Queen Creek property? While you typically need assistance from a professional to solve significant bird-related problems, some of the best prevention practices include the following:

  • Never intentionally feed nuisance birds and discourage children and others in the area from doing so. 
  • Trash containing food scraps is very attractive to birds; therefore, always place bags in durable garbage receptacles with a functional lid that will limit access. 
  • Inspect the exterior areas of the structure for any openings or voids that might serve as nesting sites and cover, seal, or otherwise address the problem. 
  • Discourage birds from the area by scaring them away by loudly clapping or generating some other noise or action.

Have your do-it-yourself prevention methods or store-bought bird control products been ineffective? Licensed pest control professionals understand how to control birds in your yard and some of the best means of preventing these bothersome creatures.

The Safe And Effective Bird Control Solution For Your Property

Are you looking for a professional provider of bird control near you? Look no further than the team of experts with Pro Active Pest Control. Our qualified technicians receive training that outlines the latest bird control methods in the industry and understands the best preventative measures that limit the likelihood of experiencing subsequent problems with these flying pests.

Our team of bird control specialists might employ a variety of strategies for Queen Creek homeowners, including exclusionary tactics that involve netting, screens, or spikes that physically impede the birds from accessing roofs, overhangs, exterior vents, or mounted solar panels.

As part of our comprehensive bird control services, we will clean and sanitize areas littered with bird excrement when necessary. Keep in mind that our organization will always back the quality of our services with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact our office today for details.