The Importance Of Effective Bird Control For Gilbert Businesses

Two pigeons perched

While birds might not be what you first think of when you think of local pests, they're a bigger problem than most people imagine, especially for Gilbert businesses. Birds pose health dangers to staff and customers and must be controlled. Bird nests and droppings can transmit parasites and diseases to humans, not to mention the unsightly and potentially dangerous mess that droppings can cause.

You can lessen these concerns by patching or screening all outside openings or clearing up food residue, but you must be careful with birds, since many species are protected. If you have bird problems, contact the Gilbert pest control specialists at Pro Active Pest Control for bird control services that work to protect your business.

Types Of Pest Birds That Flock To Gilbert Businesses

Some birds that are not native to the United States, such as pigeons, sparrows, and starlings, were brought into the country a very long time ago and, ever since then, have become a significant issue in the state of Arizona. You may be just now aware that these birds are a nuisance since they have decided to nest or roost on your business.

All The Problems Pest Birds Can Create For Your Business

The following are just some of the problems that pest birds might cause for your business:

  • Possible threat to safety: Untreated bird droppings offer a major liability issue. Bird droppings can cause slips and falls on sidewalks and roads. Stepping on droppings can cause a significant incident on your commercial property and have serious legal ramifications for you and your business.
  • Disease threats: Pest birds can carry diseases ranging from St. Louis encephalitis to histoplasmosis. Bird droppings can also transfer infections, which is even more frightening. A blast of wind can send fecal dust particles into the air, putting your customers and staff at risk of developing some of the above ailments.
  • Bugs that feed on blood: Pest birds can bring hitchhiking ectoparasites to your property. Bloodsucking insects feed on birds, but can also feed on people. Swallow bugs, ticks, chewing lice, and bird mites are frequent ectoparasites of pest birds.
  • Risks to the structure: Bird droppings carry acid that can corrode steel. Large infestations can undermine a building's integrity, making it a safety hazard.
  • Degraded brand image: Bird droppings, nests, and debris are smelly and unattractive. Pest birds can also be noisy, bothering you and your customers. This makes customers and employees feel unwelcome.

Pest birds can harm your business, consumers, and staff, so it's important to employ bird pest control for your business.

Why Birds Are Attracted To Some Businesses More Than Others

Your building's design may attract birds. Birds prefer flat, open buildings to rest and nest in. Gutters, awnings, eaves, ledges, and overhangs can be nesting locations. Without bird control, your roof will be full of nests.

Pest birds like close food sources. If your business is or is near a restaurant, you may have a bird problem. Being near a park or where people feed birds might also attract birds. Unsecured rubbish attracts scavenging birds. Birds cluster near standing water, fountains, ponds, and even water-filled gutters. Infestations can be caused by roosting and breeding locations, food, and water.

The Safe And Effective Bird Control Solution For Your Business

Because an infestation of birds may cause a wide variety of issues, the only way to ensure that your commercial property is protected from pests is to seek the assistance of a professional specializing in treating pest birds. Because of legal protections afforded to birds and the nests in which they raise their young, the only viable strategy for reducing their population size is to use the bird pest control services of trained professionals.

Our compassionate, non-lethal, non-disruptive, discreet, and integrated commercial bird control services include the use of cutting-edge products, techniques, and technology. We at Pro Active Pest Control will consult with you to identify problem areas and determine the best bird deterrent options for your facility suited to your specific needs. Call us to find out more about bird control solutions for your Gilbert property.