The Family-Friendly Guide To Roseville Mice Control 

February 24, 2020

Strange noises and scents around the house are usually attributed to overactive imaginations, but if these feisty and furry fiends wind up living inside your walls, you may find these disturbances to be all too real. 

a house mouse crawling in a home at a night

Strange noises and scents around the house are usually attributed to overactive imaginations, but if these feisty and furry friends wind up living inside your walls, you may find these disturbances to be all too real. 
A house mouse is sometimes a very real and very unpleasant visitor for homeowners here in the Roseville area. Unlike field mice, house mice normally appear in color variations of grey and dark grey, with pink hairless tails that drag along behind them. Field mice are generally a bit smaller than their house mice cousins, sporting brown or tawny fur patterns with a bright white underbelly, legs, and feet. Some field mice have dark fur across the tops of their tails, further differentiating them from other species. 
As you may know, house mice cause a host of problems for homes and businesses, possibly affecting all aspects of the structure. When mice first enter the building, they need to find an immediate source of food and water. Unsecured items can be contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and even some dangerous viruses. Mice aren’t just disease transmitters, however: they are the perfect vectors for some of the deadliest illnesses on earth. Small water droplets that enter the air through their urine and fecal matter can transmit hantavirus to unwitting victims. This disease can lead to severe pain, difficulty breathing, and even death in some cases. Further, mice aren't shy about turning your house into their home, ripping apart walls, floors, and insulation to create the coziest possible nest for their many babies. 
Thankfully, house mice aren’t as aggressive as other rodents such as rats, and will only bite or attack if threatened or cornered. However, this does not mean that they are safe to have around. The longer you allow pests such as mice to linger on your property, the higher your risk becomes for contracting serious health, structural, and financial damage.

Preventing House Mouse Infestations In Roseville

Mice are formidable pests to root out of the home, but colonies can be prevented entirely by protection, prevention, and proactive pest control. Some of the best tips for avoiding house mice in homes and businesses include:

  • Eliminating all entry points, including small spaces around doors and windows. Mice can fit through any space they can get their heads inside, which includes holes no bigger than a dime. If you require additional help in repairing certain areas of the home, reach out to a trusted local repairman. 

  • Removing food sources and other attractants such as air moisture and standing water. 

    Clearing up clutter and dark spaces that are attractive to mice looking for places to nest.

Do you think or know that rodents of some kind have snuck inside your home? Immediately get in contact with the pest control professionals at Pro Active for your free no-obligation inspection today. 

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No matter how much prevention is done around a home or business, mice are still capable of infesting it. Their nimble frames and clever hiding strategies lend themselves well to evading homeowners and even experienced mouse trappers, and their speedy reproductive ability can maintain the negative effects of an infestation for years to come. Traps, baits, and other over-the-counter pest control methods can certainly help to reduce a mouse population over time, but they will never strike at the heart of the colony. To attack the roots of your mouse concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to the rodent control professionals at Pro Active Pest Control today.

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