Lincoln Property Owners' Ultimate Roof Rat Control Guide

Black rat on a pallet.

Do we have rats in Lincoln? Yes, we do and the population is growing. This has traditionally been a big city problem, but that is no longer the case. Back in 2018, a sharp rise of roof rats was being reported in smaller towns, rural areas, and farms/orchards. The state is being overrun, and Lincoln is no exception. Pro Active Pest Control is working on the front lines of this fight, trying to bring down the numbers.

Description of Roof Rats

Rats, bed bugs, and lice are all in the same category: nasty! They are awful vermin with no redeeming value. Well, maybe as snake food. The specific rat that is plaguing Lincoln is the roof rat. They aren't hard to misidentify, but we are gonna give you the low down anyway.

  • Black fur with pale bellies.
  • Eight inches in length, not including the tail.
  • They hunt for food and shelter above ground unless found in orchards, where they have been found in burrows underground.
  • Inside structures, they will nest in-between walls, in drop ceilings, and attics.
  • They will eat insects, seeds, and fruit. That is unless you provide them with alternatives
  • They are mean and will bite.

If you see one, do not attempt to corner it or catch it. Call Pro Active Pest Control right away. The last thing you need is to be bitten or scratched by a rat. The professionals at Pro Active Pest Control are specially trained to handle this situation. Besides, where there is one rat, there's a lot more you can not see.

Problems Associated With Rats

Roof rats pose a significant health hazard to the people of Lincoln. They are carriers of over 30 different diseases. We must get this problem under control. Here are some of the diseases they carry:

  • Rat-bite fever
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia
  • Leptospirosis

Do not dismiss these diseases, thinking that they are no longer a threat. Rats also carry ticks, fleas, and lice. These come with their own transmittable diseases, including bubonic plague. The plague is very serious. There are about 2000 cases reported each year and currently, there is no cure, only the symptoms can be treated.
The dangers to your home can not be forgotten either. Rats gnaw and chew on everything, wood, wires, PVC, shingles, sheetrock, the list goes on. Electrical fires are a real danger when rats are in the picture.


The prevention methods here are much the same as for any other pests. Vigilance is your primary weapon here.

  • Seal off any cracks and holes; rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter.
  • Put heavy screens over every ventilation hole and cap the chimney.
  • Move woodpiles and garbage cans away from the house.
  • Cut back tree limbs and branches that come near the house.
  • Remove bird feeders.
  • Declutter attic spaces.
  • Insulate pipes so they won’t sweat.

You will be glad that you listened to this advice, it will help with so much more than you might expect against a rat infestation.

Make Them Disappear

Rats just won’t stop. They are tenacious and ornery. We all need to do our part in eliminating this vermin. The best place to start is by calling Pro Active Pest Control to get a free estimate. We will send our rodent specialist out to your home to perform an initial on-site inspection. Our team will search out every nook and cranny to determine entry points, and discuss the next course of action. It’s our goal to play a large part in doing away with rats in NorCal.