How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Gilbert Yard


Picture this: you’ve got the day off on a sunny afternoon and you’re enjoying the weather in your yard. But before you can relax, you hear that telltale buzzing sound hovering around your body and aggressive wasps bully you back indoors. You try to get rid of them, but every time, you just end up getting stung instead. 

You put your heart into creating your best outdoor space, so why let stinging insects ruin it? Learning how to keep wasps away from your Gilbert yard is essential for working and playing comfortably on your property.

About Wasps In Gilbert

Wasps are a remarkably diverse group of insects that exhibit a tremendous range of physical features and evolutionary behaviors. The vast majority of wasps in the world are solitary predators that hunt on their own. However, some wasps are social in nature and nest with other members. These nests may be as small as a dozen or so in the case of most paper wasps, or number into the thousands for wasps like yellowjackets. 

You can identify wasps by their sleek bodies with two wings, six legs, and a rear stinger. Coloration may vary from solid black or brown to yellow and black patterns or even metallic blues and greens. Bees are generally smaller than wasps and rounder in shape. Hornets are a type of wasp that are generally larger and prefer nesting in aerial locations. 

Wasps can be handy freelance pest control for yards plagued by garden pests and may even help pollinate flowers. But it’s safe to say that the problems with these pests far outweigh the benefits.

Landscaping Tips To Deter Wasps

Believe it or not, your landscaping could be a major reason for wasps inhabiting your yard. Certain plants can attract or repel them — as well as the bugs they prey on. Addressing these landscaping factors can help to prevent wasps from nesting on your property. Ways you can prevent wasps in your yard include:

  • Planting wasp-repellent herbs – Herbs like thyme, citronella, and mint are all revolting to wasps. Wormwood and eucalyptus are also said to deter wasp activity, as well as red flowers.
  • Avoiding certain plants – Almost any plant with a sweet-smelling flower will attract wasps in their search for nectar. Fruit-bearing trees are also highly attractive to wasps.
  • Don’t overplant – Over-planting sweet-smelling plants like Queen Anne’s lace, forsythia, and yarrow can lead to an abundance of wasps on your property. Try to limit the number of flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees on your property.

How To Prevent Wasps

Adjusting your landscaping or gardening might not be enough to keep wasps at bay. However, there are some general wasp prevention tips that could prove useful in discouraging them:

  • Cover the trash – Wasps scavenge for scraps of meat and sugary treats. Make sure to keep your trash cans covered and consider washing trash cans out to eliminate residue that attracts pests.
  • Mind your meals – Don’t leave food and beverages unattended outdoors. Beer, juice, and soda cans can all attract wasps as well as leftover meat.
  • Mow the lawn – Simply keeping up with yard work can reduce the population of prey insects that wasps feed on. Trim hedges and mow the lawn to reduce hiding spots for bugs.
  • Prevent nesting – Check wood or vinyl siding for cracks or damage and repair as needed. Fill in any holes in the ground to prevent wasps from nesting. 

If you need assistance with wasp prevention or need an active nest removed from your property, contact the wasp experts at Pro Active Pest Control. We offer wasp control services for Gilbert homes and businesses with a 100% service guarantee. Get in touch with us today.