Help! I Have Been Stung By A Wasp In Elk Grove

A wasp nest

Wasps. If you see one flying around your property, you probably try to get away as fast as possible. Wasps are terrifying to encounter and pose health risks. Not to mention that their stings are painful and create a burning, stinging sensation. If you've ever been stung, you're unlikely to forget the feeling.

If you want to know what to do when stung by a wasp, this guide has the information you need. We also provide you with valuable tips for keeping wasps away from your Elk Grove property in the future and how Pro Active Pest Control can help. 

What Do Wasps Look Like?

Wasps are flying insects that look like bees, but there are some key differences between them. For one thing, wasps have a sleek and slim body shape while bees are round and bulbous. Wasps also have shiny, hairless bodies while bees are covered in fuzz.

There are many different kinds of wasps, so their coloration and margins vary. Yellow jackets, for example, have yellow and black stripes. On the other hand, many paper wasps have brown bodies and orange or red markings. 

Did You Get Stung By A Wasp?

If you're spending time outside and suddenly feel a sharp, stinging pain, you could have been stung by a wasp. Even if you don't see the wasp flying nearby, an embedded stinger in the sting site is probably proof that it was a wasp.

Some common symptoms of a wasp sting include:

  • Swelling and heat around the area
  • Redness that extends from the sting site
  • Pain and stinging feelings
  • Hives erupting from an allergic reaction to the wasp venom

If you are stung, there are some steps you can follow to address the sting and keep yourself safe. 

How To Treat A Wasp Sting

It's essential to pay attention to your body after you're stung. Contact a medical professional right away if you know you're allergic to wasps or have concerning symptoms like trouble breathing. Otherwise, you can follow these four steps:

  1. Wash the sting: Use warm soap and water to wash the sting area gently.
  2. Apply A Cold Pack: Use a cloth around a bag of ice or ice pack and hold it against the sting.
  3. Take An Over-The-Counter Medication: You can take anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce swelling. Don't take any new medications without consulting your doctor.
  4. Apply An Anti-Itch Cream: Apply an antihistamine or similar ointment if you have itchy symptoms.

Keep an eye on the sting site moving forward. If there are any concerning changes, get medical help. In most cases, the intense swelling and pain will go away within a few hours, and you'll be back to fine in just a couple of days. 

But, for ongoing Elk Grove wasp control to prevent wasp stings, our experts at Pro Active Pest Control can help. 

How To Keep Wasps From Taking Over Your Property

While it's not possible to entirely avoid wasps, there are effective ways to prevent and remove them from your yard. The Elk Grove pest control team can deter these dangerous pests from your yard and remove existing nests.

Give us a call today at Pro Active Pest Control to request an inspection.