The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Ants In Elk Grove For Good

Ant infestation.

Belonging to the family Formicidae, ants exist in approximately 10,000 different species throughout most of the world. As social insects, ants often form massive colonies composed of categories or castes such as queens, soldiers, and workers. In natural environments, an ant’s diet varies depending on the species, as some are carnivorous, while others consume nectar, seeds, or grains. Many ants that invade homes prefer many of the same foods humans eat. 
Can ants fly? Most colonies of ants have winged members that will fly—typically those with reproductive duties. For example, during the spring months, winged “swarmers” often are seen congregating as part of their mating ritual. 
Are you facing problems with ants? A professional Elk Grove pest control company will perform effective ant control services for homeowners struggling with these and other types of unwanted pests. 

How To Identify The Type Of Ant Infesting Your Home

There are many different species of ants found in Elk Grove. While they share many of the same characteristics, there are certain features that set them apart. 
Acrobat ants are tiny and usually appear black or yellowish-brown. Experts aptly named them for their habit of elevating their abdomen above their head. Odorous house ants are small, appear dark brown or black, and emit a foul odor when crushed. Pavement ants are about ⅛ inch long and dark brown or black, and are often found living underneath or in cracks in pavement. 
Whatever type of ant you are dealing with, you can contact the team at Pro Active Pest Control for help getting rid of them.

The Problems Ants Can Cause On Your Property

Ants are commonly known for arriving as uninvited guests among those at picnics, barbeques, or other outdoor activities with lots of food; however, they may pose additional problems. 
Ants can infiltrate your home and nest in your walls and in other hard-to-reach areas, making eliminating them a challenge. They can also get into your food, potentially contaminating it with bacteria.
Keep in mind that ants emit pheromone chemicals that act as signals of communication that others will detect. For this reason, if a few ants infiltrate your home and locate a food source, expect that many others from the colony will soon follow in droves.  

How To Get Rid Of Ants For Good

To eradicate ants, property owners should seek assistance from a pest control professional and their effective ant control solutions. For quality ant control in Elk Grove, contact Pro Active Pest Control. We are state-certified rodent and pest specialists and offer eco-friendly solutions. We also provide a 100% service guarantee on all of our year-round programs. Call us today to request your free quote.

Natural Ant Prevention Tips For Elk Grove Residents

Are you looking for ant prevention tips? Some of the best preventative measures include limiting access to sources of food by promptly placing leftovers in the refrigerator or a durable sealed container. Adopt excellent cleaning habits, particularly in kitchen areas, by sweeping crumbs off of floors, wiping up spills, and never leaving dirty dishes or bowls of uneaten pet food out overnight. 
Are you wondering how to make an ant trap? Many individuals will search the internet for home remedies that supposedly will trap, repel, or otherwise solve problems involving ants. While some of these measures might help, the majority are ineffective against large ant infestations. 
The team of experienced professionals with Pro Active Pest Control has years of experience providing ant control for homeowners in this region. We also have the training and equipment needed for treating problems with rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, and many other troublesome and potentially harmful pests that affect residents of Elk Grove. 
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