Are Ants In My Livermore Home Dangerous?

Pavement Ants feasting on fruit.

Sometimes, the smallest problems can have the biggest outcomes. This is certainly true of pest prevention, and the kinds of pests we think of as mere nuisances can end up being so much more. Ants are these kinds of pests - depending on the species, that is. Knowing what kind of ants are invading your property will help determine if an infestation is an annoyance or something worse.

The Basics Of Ants

While the degrees of ant infestations can vary by species and location, all ants are unwelcome in the home. Nearly every variety can contaminate food and the surfaces where we prepare meals. Not to mention, ants are just unsightly creatures for residents or guests to see crawling around. 
Other species can be downright dangerous, causing hazardous damage to property or spreading disease. All kinds can be difficult to get rid of because ant colonies use sophisticated caste systems that protect their reproductive queens from harm. Without proper methods, ant colonies will just survive to repopulate and keep infesting your home.

Nuisance Ants

Ants that aren’t dangerous can still wind up being problems in your home. The most common nuisance ants are as follows:

  • Pavement ants: Tiny, common home invaders that are often found out in yards and hanging out near the cracks of sidewalks and streets. These small, black ants forage anywhere and everywhere for food and materials, including inside of homes and businesses.
  • Odorous ants: These dark brown or black ants seem harmless until they are squished. Then they release a pungent and disgusting odor that gives stinkbugs a run for their money. They, too, will contaminate food sources.
  • Thief ants: These guys get their names from the fact that, rather than forage for their own food, thief ants will steal it from other ant colonies. As such, they tend to move in once other nuisance ant colonies have taken hold, highlighting how one problem can quickly turn into several with ant infestations.

Dangerous Ants

The other kinds of invasive ants are the more destructive kind: those that can harm people or property. These are the main ants to act quickly on if they move into your Livermore home:

  • Carpenter ants: Industrious workers, carpenter ants bore into household wood as a way to build nesting areas and highways through structures. This can do irreparable damage to a home’s foundation and stability.
  • Fire ants: While one of the smaller varieties of ants out there, fire ants pack the biggest punch. While they sting rather than bite, they will do so readily and often, especially if their territory is invaded by people or pets. Their attacks sting and burn and can require immediate medical attention if many stings occur at once.
  • Pharaoh ants: Known as purveyors of diseases, these ants are some of the largest to enter a home (still only a few millimeters on average) and are often yellow or brownish. Not only can they carry germs, but their colonies are also extremely hard to get rid of.

Professional Ant Prevention & Control

No matter what kind of ant infestation has taken up residence on your Livermore property, you should turn to the experts rather than try to deal with it all on your own. 
Only the pros know what kind of measures will match certain ant colonies, and incorrect solutions can just drive ants into better hiding places. Rather than risk it, turn to ProActive Pest Control at the first sign of an ant infestation, whether it’s the nuisance kind or the dangerous kind. Our trained technicians will help you determine which it is, what steps can be taken, and how to prevent future colonies from taking hold.
Don’t let your home be a haven for ants of any degree of danger -- turn to ProActive today.