How Dangerous Are Wasps In Lincoln, CA?

Wasp on a fruit.

If huddles of flying insects are surrounding your Lincoln, CA home or business, you might as well forget about having visitors. You won’t have any prospective guests, investors, or customers, no matter how beautiful or clean your property is. Logically, people want to keep from being stung or bitten and then sent to the hospital. Even if buzzing bugs were harmless, just the thought of being annoyed by them is enough of a deterrent. Wasps can both agitate and hurt folks.

All stinging insects can be classified as wasps. The vast majority have potent venom, which can trigger an array of effects on humans and animals. It’s hard trying to manage these kinds of pests because they live in natural settings. Find out more about the dangers of wasps and how you can defeat them with Pro Active Pest Control. We provide residential and commercial servicing for many pests, including bed bugs and rodents.

How Do Wasps Operate? What Are the Risks?

Paper wasps are among the species that are pervasive in the region. The 1 inch long bugs have black wings and brown bodies with yellow markings. While they’re visually similar to bees, their figures are more narrow, elongated, and slender. These insects require sheltered spots for their nests. For example, window sills, door frames, roof eaves, and structural voids. Once you see one zooming around, you certainly have an infestation.

A paper wasp may fly into your domicile or establishment if there are foundational cracks and crevices, or you happen to leave a door or window open. Their nests are rather unique and noticeable. Being made of their saliva and plant matter, it appears as paper when it dries. In terms of shape, it’s like an umbrella. Thus, these bugs are sometimes called “umbrella wasps.” You won’t be able to look through the cocoons because the material is very thick. How they go about creating their homes is one aspect that differentiates paper wasps from their relatives. Further things to know about wasps are:

  • They Have Helpful Attributes: When wasps feed or pollinate, the byproducts contribute to the balance of the environment.
  • They Can Really Hurt You: Wasps can strike multiple times, increasing the chances of critical bodily and allergic reactions. You may have to seek medical attention. At a minimum, you’ll experience pain and inflammation of the skin.

Is There a Way to Prevent Wasps?

Preventative measures are essential with wasps. Remember, these insects are difficult to manage once they are present. You don’t have the power to manipulate the organic habitat that supports the bugs, but you can control the levels and amounts of their supply by:

  • Cutting the grass and trimming the greenery regularly. Have holes in the ground filled, and remove debris from the yard.
  • Sitting flowers two feet away from the property. Don’t overplant or overwater them.
  • Using citronella and eucalyptus for gardens; they have repellent properties.
  • Cleaning your vents and gutters on a routine basis.
  • Putting food and garbage in containers with airtight lids.
  • Making sure your roof eaves and porches remain neat. Try not to leave food unattended; especially if it’s sweet.

Contacting Pro Active Pest Control if you have critters wasps consume.

How Will Pro Active Pest Control Handle Wasps?

Under no circumstances should you touch a wasp nest. There’s always the possibility that you can be surprised by a single bug and be stung. Don’t waste your money on retail items either; they’re often toxic and make things worse. Rely on the professionals at Pro Active Pest Control for your home pest control needs instead. Our certified and experienced technicians will employ industrial-strength solutions that are safe and environmentally friendly. No wasp will survive or dare come on your property. Our guaranteed treatments include protective exterior barriers. Get a free quote when you call today!