Why Do I Have Ants In My Elk Grove, CA Home?

A colony of Argentine ants

They bite, they sting, and yes, they measure less than 1/4 an inch on average. These crawling ne'er-do-wells are some of the most annoying insects in all of Elk Grove!

Ants common to local Elk Grove homes include Argentine ants, fire ants, and carpenter ants.

Most of the ant species are considered nuisance pests by entomologists, meaning that they pose little to no threat to human health. However, none of these antenna-waving anti-heroes are welcome in your family’s home. 
Like other pests, ants flock to your Elk Grove home in search of food, shelter, and water. Cracks, gaps, rips, tears, and any other type of entry point allows these creatures to sneak indoors undetected. Ant problems tend to get worse and worse, prompting immediate action on the part of concerned homeowners.

Reducing The Factors That Attract Elk Grove Ant Colonies

Due to their tiny sizes, the management of ant populations may prove difficult at best. The following tips are specifically aimed at preventing colonies on your property from becoming too large to handle:

  • Reduce the presence of food sitting about on counters or open-air spaces. If a scouting ant stumbles upon a deliciously accessible item, it will soon alert the rest of the colony, drawing in large numbers of the pest. 
  • Manage moisture levels in the home by running dehumidifies in problem spaces. Have any clogged drains or leaky pipes repaired to reduce the level of standing water. As for the exterior of the home, filling in potholes or dips with soil will limit the number of new colonies that can ‘bud’ into new groups. 
  • Reduce the amount of trash exposed to the open air. This includes plates, cutlery, or spilled food items left outside after a picnic or barbecue. Eating utensils should be washed promptly and thoroughly to prevent ants. Then, be sure to dry them promptly to reduce moisture levels.Garbage should be tightly sealed and removed from the home at least once a week.

Ants are difficult to manage alone which is why it's important to reach out to a trusted professional. When it comes to complete ant control, get all the help you need (and a little bit more) when you schedule a home inspection from Pro Active Pest Control today.

Don’t Just Be Active – Be Pro Active!

They might not be large, dangerous, or even slightly venomous, but ant colonies in or around the home may still pose problems for you and your family. Apart from expensive food contamination issues, this is a species of pest that rarely clears up on its own. Elk Grove homeowners will need to take powerful, quick, and decisive action against ants to prevent colonies from transmuting into full-blown infestations.
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