What You Need To Know About Effective Silverfish Control In Gilbert

A silverfish invasion

With three bristle-like antennas and silver scale-like bodies, silverfish are known for two things: the fish-like way that they squirm around your home and their destructive eating habits. For any homeowner, finding silverfish in your home is bad news – and if you live in Gilbert, you’re not an exception to this.

However, as destructive as they may be, there are a few tricks to effective silverfish control. Here’s what Gilbert residents should know about the potential threat that silverfish pose, how you can prevent them in your home, and who to call if you’ve got an active silverfish infestation.

Are Silverfish A Threat To Your Health In Gilbert?

While silverfish may not be the prettiest pest to invade your Gilbert home, the good news is that these critters don’t pose a health risk. Silverfish aren’t known to carry bacteria or disease or even to bite humans. In some cases, silverfish may trigger a mild allergic reaction in a small percentage of people – but most of the time, the biggest threat that silverfish pose is to your personal belongings.

While they’re capable of surviving in most climates, silverfish prefer damp, dark areas – like your garage, basement, or even your bathroom. Once they’ve found a good hiding spot, silverfish will put their destructive feeding habits to work. These pests enjoy feeding on starches, sugars, and carbohydrates. Their diet ranges from contaminating your grains and oats to chewing through your favorite books, newspapers, or magazines.

In more extensive infestations, you may find silverfish in multiple rooms of your house, including your cabinets or pantries, where they’ll contaminate some of your favorite foods.

These critters can get in your home in a couple of ways. They may crawl through tiny gaps or cracks, but if you’re transporting cardboard boxes or containers, it’s also possible to bring silverfish in accidentally.

How To Prevent Silverfish In Gilbert

Silverfish aren’t one of the easiest pests to prevent, especially if you live in a humid climate, but there are a couple of steps you can take to keep these ugly-looking critters away.

  • Before you bring anything inside, make sure you inspect cardboard boxes and plastic containers thoroughly, as these items can sometimes contain silverfish.
  • Seal areas that silverfish may use as entry points, including gaps, holes, and cracks near your house’s foundation.
  • Regularly organize and declutter storage areas that contain items that a silverfish would eat, like boxes, books, and paper.
  • Address moisture and humidity issues in your home by fixing drainage issues or placing a dehumidifier in rooms with humidity problems.

By lessening the factors that attract silverfish you will minimize the risk of a future infestation. However, these tips will not be enough to eradicate an existing infestation.

What To Do About A Silverfish Infestation In Gilbert

As long as they’ve got enough moisture and food, silverfish aren’t going to go anywhere – which is why the most effective form of silverfish control is a professional one. At Pro Active Pest Control, we won’t just rid your home of silverfish, but we’ll offer you our customer guarantee to make sure these pests don’t come back.

If you’ve been spotting silverfish in your Gilbert home and you’re worried you’ve got an infestation, the best thing you can do is contact us at Pro Active Pest Control. Call today to learn more about our eco-friendly and reliable home pest control services.