Paper Wasps In Lincoln: Addressing These Aggressive Pests

Paper wasps on their nest.

Of all the types of wasps to have around your home, paper wasps are one of the most problematic due to their aggressive nature. Attracted to properties where food is plentiful, they build nests that they will defend by inflicting painful stings that can cause anything from intense pain to anaphylactic shock, which will require emergency medical care.

If paper wasps have invaded your property, now is the time to learn what they look like, why they are coming to your home, what can make them aggressive, and how to deal with them appropriately. If paper wasps have taken over your property, Pro Active Pest Control provides pest control in Lincoln you can rely on to safely remove these stinging pests and prevent them from returning. 

What Paper Wasps Look Like

Paper wasps tend to be brown with yellow or red markings. Less than an inch long, with long legs and two antennae, they are attracted to protein-rich sources of foods such as bugs or even your meals. Their nests have open combs and wood, paper, and other natural materials. You could sometimes describe them as upside-down umbrellas. 

Why Paper Wasps Are Attracted To Your Home

Paper wasps tend to be attracted to homes where protein-rich food sources are available, including bugs, food scraps, and more. They also seek out reliable shelter, so you will often find them inside trees or in corners of your home. If they’ve built nests on your property before, they are more likely to come back in the future rather than seek out a new place to lay their eggs.

For this reason, wasp prevention is an integral part of keeping paper wasps away for good. A good pest control company can help you assess the situation and devise a treatment plan based on your situation.

Why Are Paper Wasps Aggressive?

Paper wasps are aggressive when they feel that the nest is under attack. Some of them will even release a pheromone to get other wasps around them to join in to defend it. They are very territorial pests and will cause repeated, painful, and dangerous bites whenever they are bothered. Their stings contain a potent toxin harmful to both humans and animals. If you are stung by a paper wasp, seek medical help immediately. Trying to get away is often ineffective, as paper wasps are known to chase intruders. Like with other different types of wasps, it is best to reach out to a pest control company to remove nests safely.

How To Properly Deal With Paper Wasps

If paper wasps have built a nest on your property, do not attempt to remove it on your own. Instead, contact a pest control company. The following advice can help you stay safe and keep them away until the nest is removed and keep them from returning:

  • Do not keep food out, especially protein-rich food, as it can attract wasps.
  • Keep all doors and windows closed to avoid them coming inside your home, and ensure that all fine mesh screens are in good shape.
  • Keep all garbage cans clean and empty them regularly.
  • Cover compost piles.

While you can follow these tips to prevent wasps from returning and hopefully discourage them from establishing themselves, paper wasp nest removal is best done by a professional due to the paper wasp’s aggressive nature. Paper wasps are a dangerous pest that can inflict multiple painful stings in a short time. If you find a nest on your property, it is crucial that you contact a pest control professional as soon as possible.

As with many stinging insects, the best way to get rid of a wasp’s nest is with a professional pest control company. Doing it yourself can lead to painful stings that can require emergency medical help. Call us at Pro Active Pest Control today!