How Ant Infestations Start On Gilbert Properties

Ants crawling on sandwich

Living with ants is frustrating. You think you’ve gotten rid of them, and then suddenly, a whole swarm emerges to devour that forgotten crumb on the kitchen floor. You spend time and money using store-bought ant control products, but nothing seems to work. 

When it comes to ants, prevention is key. Knowing how ant infestations start on Gilbert properties can spare you the stress of putting up with these resilient pests. 

What To Know About Ants In Gilbert

Arizona is home to some of the most peculiar ant species in the U.S. Honey ants can swell up to eight times their body weight with sugary liquids. Slave-maker ants raid and capture other ant colonies. But there are several species of ants in Gilbert that are more likely to infest your property:

  • Odorous house ants – Odorous house ants are dark brown or black in color and measure between 1/16 and 1/8 inches in length. When crushed, they release a musty odor said to smell like rotten coconut.
  • Pharaoh ants – These ants are pale yellow in color and are usually about 1/16 inch long. Colonies often have multiple queens and can recolonize quickly when threatened.
  • Crazy ants – Known for their unpredictable, stop-and-go movement, crazy ants are reddish-brown and usually about 1/8 inch in length.
  • Fire ants – Fire ants can be black or red in color and are generally 1/8 inch long. They tend to build mounds in sunny areas with open soil and can deliver a painful sting.

What Attracts Ants To Your Property

Ants are incredibly adept at finding food. They are constantly on the prowl for a worthy meal to feed their colony and may even prey on other insects like crickets. The discovery of a reliable food source will surely attract ants to your property, but the availability of water or moisture can also drive them to invade. In other words, ants are highly attracted to food and water. 

Even the smallest cracks or openings can give ants access to your home or business. Damaged foundation, gaps around piping, or even faulty weather stripping are all avenues for ants to break into your property. Once they get in, it’s hard to get them out. 

How To Prevent Ant Infestations

Nobody wants to put up with annoying ants. Because of their tiny size and adaptable behavior, they can be difficult to fend off. But ant prevention isn’t impossible. With a little effort, you can easily prevent ant infestations on your Gilbert property. Some simple ways to avoid ant infestations are:

  • Sealing entrances – Examine the exterior of your property for any cracks in the foundation or gaps around pipes or cables and fill with silicone caulk as needed. Try replacing damaged weather stripping and door sweeps.
  • Cleaning up – Address food mess as it occurs, making sure to clean all countertops and appliances after cooking or eating. Clean floors regularly to eliminate unnoticed crumbs and spills.
  • Storing food properly – Keep any perishable foods stored in airtight containers with locking lids. Heavy plastic containers work well, but glass or metal containers offer added protection from rodents.
  • Disposing of trash properly – Always use trash bags to prevent buildup in trash cans that may attract pests. Rinse out soda cans, juice bottles, or other sugary drink containers before disposal. Try to keep trash cans at least 20 feet from the property.

If ants are causing problems on your Gilbert property, call the experts at Pro Active Pest Control. We offer comprehensive residential and commercial pest control services to get rid of ants or any other pests giving you grief. All services are 100% guaranteed. Contact us today for your free quote!