Why Silverfish Invade Gilbert Homes

Silverfish in a shower.

There are some strange pests out there, and most insects look rather odd when you think about it. However, some species have become more normalized as we think about or see them somewhat frequently. Species such as flies, ants, and beetles seem almost like a regular part of life, but other pests in the area look odd and aren’t as familiar to the average person. The silverfish is an odd-looking pest in Gilbert, and this guide will help you identify and learn how to prevent them.

What Do Silverfish In Gilbert Look Like?

Silverfish are a silver or grey color, which isn’t that surprising given their name. But, the second part of their name comes into play because their bodies are long and fish-like in shape as they taper toward the bottom. They also have rather fish-like movements. These pests have long antennae and a long pair of feelers. They have six legs.

Given these facts, finding silverfish around can be a bit upsetting because they look like they could be dangerous. However, despite having feelers, they don’t sting or bite. They also aren’t known to spread any diseases that can harm people or pets. Mainly, they are considered nuisance pests and can be unsettling to have around.

Silverfish can, however, do some damage to personal belongings. They will chew on papers, cereals, books, and other food items, and they often eat book bindings and other adhesive products. 

Why Do Silverfish Invade Homes?

Silverfish look for dark and damp areas to live in, so they will be most attracted to properties with moisture issues and lots of dark places to hide. They will also seek out sites with lots of clutter. 

Silverfish only need small gaps to slip into a home, and given that they are usually under an inch in length, it’s not hard for them to find areas to get in. They can slip under doors and windows that aren’t completely sealed or find a way through holes or cracks in a wall or the foundation.

Effective Silverfish Tips For Gilbert Homeowners

Because moisture is the main thing that draws silverfish in, you can focus on silverfish prevention by removing these factors. The following tips are the best ways to keep these creepy-crawlers away from your property:

  • Get rid of excess humidity problems by fixing leaky plumbing and using dehumidifiers in particularly humid rooms.
  • Get rid of mulch, dead leaves, and grass clippings around the yard.
  • Ensure that there is good ventilation in your basement, attic, and crawl space.
  • Clean up excess clutter in the home and outside in the garage and the yard.
  • Reach out to pest control experts in the area who have experience dealing with silverfish problems. 
  • Keep food, including pet food, stored in cupboards in sealed, plastic containers.

Get Help With Silverfish Problems

While silverfish aren’t as dangerous as some other pests in the area, they are still unpleasant to have around. No one wants to see weird bugs in their household, so contacting pest control experts can help. The team at Pro Active Pest Control provides silverfish control services all over Arizona, along with protecting your home from other pests that you can count on.

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