What's Attracting Wasps To My Sacramento Home?

A black and yellow wasp balancing along the edge of a glass of water in a Sacramento home

Generally, when something has the ability to hurt you, you’ll remove the harmful object, if possible. For instance, no one would intentionally leave boards with nails sticking up out of them lying around in their yard. Leaving wasps nests alone on your property can be just as bad. A wasps' nest should never be ignored because individual wasps can sting multiple times, causing severe damage and even allergic reactions in some people. Here’s what you need to know about wasps in Sacramento and what to do if you find a wasps' nest near your home.

Wasp Activity in July

July is mid-summer and many fully-grown wasps will be active at this time. Wasp season can last from March to October. In late March and early April, wasp queens begin preparing for their young. They build nests, or in some cases, prepare to reuse an old nest. Once they’ve established a nest and lay eggs, it only takes about a month for new wasps to reach full maturity. This means that in June and July babies will emerge from nests as full-grown wasps looking for food. You may not have known you had a wasp nest near your home, but in July you might begin to see wasps flying around. Don’t ignore the danger!

Factors that Attract Wasps

Many kinds of wasps, such as mud daubers and paper wasps, eat spiders. This means that if you have a spider problem, wasps will be attracted to your home. A good way to prevent wasps is to rid your area of spiders--which is a good idea anyway. Wasps may also be attracted to your property if you have standing water or a garden near your house. It’s a good idea to clear plants near the exterior of your home and plant gardens further from your house. You will also want to keep your grass short so you aren’t giving wasps a place to hide.

How to Stop Wasps from Making Summer Miserable

As mentioned previously, individual wasps can sting multiple times. This means if you have a wasps' nest near your home, trying to remove it could result in many dangerous stings. Instead of trying to remove wasps on your own, call in the professionals. At Pro Active Pest Control, we have years of experience in eliminating all kinds of pests. Pro Active uses environmentally friendly solutions through an Integrated Pest Management approach. This means that we reduce the risk of damage to humans and focus on techniques such as habitat manipulation and biological control. Pesticides are a last resort and are used carefully to avoid damaging humans or other factors in the environment.
If you need help in removing wasps' nests or any other pests that might be bothering you, reach out to Pro Active today.