Time To Take Action Against Wasps In Sacramento

Mud Dauber on a cluster of white budding flowers.

As spring approaches, it’s time to take action against wasps in the Sacramento area. Mud daubers, paper wasps, and many other stinging insects can become a problem as early as late March but are particularly troublesome April through October. If you take preventative steps now before they start building their nests, you will have less of a problem to deal with in late summer. It’s always best to call for professional pest control service to keep your Sacramento-area home free from stinging insects year round.

Seasonality for Stinting Insects

In the very early spring, stinging insects such as mud daubers and paper wasps emerge from dormancy and begin preparing for their young. They begin constructing their nests or, in the case of mud daubers, reuse existing nests. Mud daubers feed their young with spiders and then seal them into their tubed tunneled nests with mud. Paper wasps also feed their young spiders but will also use caterpillars and flies. It takes a little over a month for the young to reach maturity and emerge as adult stinging insects. This means that by April and May you can have a whole colony of wasps taking up residence in your Sacramento yard.

Problems Mud Daubers and Paper Wasps Bring

For the most part, mud daubers and paper wasps are harmless. They are not aggressive and will only sting when disturbed. They are natural predators of spiders and other pests and they help with pollination. However, if you are allergic or disturb a nest and are stung multiple times, you can have a severe reaction. For this reason, it’s not a good idea to leave a nest to grow on your property. Additionally, when you have one pest around your home, you are likely to attract others who may not be as “harmless”.

Prevention Steps and Calling a Professional

Keeping the exterior of your home clear from cobwebs and spider webs keeps the number of spiders down and reduces the availability of food for stinging insects. At Pro Active Pest Control, we use eco-friendly pest control methods to eliminate nuisance pests on your Sacramento-area property. With a year-round pest control plan, you can be sure that come spring, your home will not be a welcome habitat for paper wasps, mud daubers, and other pests. Should you discover a nest on your property, don’t try to remove it yourself, call us for immediate assistance.