Why Can't I Keep Silverfish Out Of My Tracy Home?

Silverfish on table

Silverfish are a common Tracy household pest. No matter how hard you might try, you could struggle to keep them out of your home. Find out what makes these pests so difficult to deter and what you should do if you have silverfish in your home. 

A Little About Silverfish

Back before the dinosaurs ruled the world, there were silverfish. For millions of years, silverfish have been on the earth. The fact that silverfish have been around for so long says a lot about their resiliency.

Most people have no problem identifying silverfish. Typically, they are gray or silver and are between ½ an inch and one inch long. They cannot fly and have no wings. However, it's difficult to notice their lack of wings because they travel so quickly.

Although silverfish occasionally come out during the day, they are most active at night. Your only sign of them might be a glimpse of silver skittering across your bathroom floor at night.

The Problem With Silverfish

As a general rule, silverfish are not harmful to humans. However, they can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Their molted skins make dust that irritates certain individuals.

Silverfish also cause property damage. If they get into your food, they'll contaminate it. They also eat fabric, wallpaper, books, and clothing. Once silverfish start living in your home, they can do significant damage to your property. While they won't usually destroy your home's structure, they will destroy mementos and belongings.

Why Do Silverfish Enter Your Home?

Silverfish go into homes for several reasons. For one, they seek out the moisture. Silverfish thrive in moist environments, so homes with high humidity levels are ideal for them. They gravitate towards basements and bathrooms.

Another major draw for silverfish is food. If your home has any wet wood or wet newspaper, it will attract silverfish to the cellulose. The moist nature of the material makes it easy for these pests to chew.

To enter your home, silverfish seek out cracks and crevices. They have small and flat bodies, which makes them very skilled invaders. Even though you may think your home is well-sealed, you could have many entry points for silverfish.

The Challenges With Keeping Silverfish Out

If you don't accept outside assistance, it's almost impossible to keep silverfish out of your home. There are several reasons for this, and all of them make it imperative that you work with a professional for your pest control needs.

The first challenge comes with sealing up your home. Every home has gaps, cracks, and crevices. Although you might seal up most of the cracks, some will remain unnoticed. You need an experienced eye to find all of the entrances.

Another difficulty comes with the pest's affinity for moisture. While vents and dehumidifiers decrease the moisture in homes, there's no way to completely eliminate all water sources. Despite your efforts, silverfish will always find your home appealing.

Other Preventative Measures

There are a few other preventative measures that you can take, but none of them are 100% effective. For instance, you can store your food in airtight containers. You should also vacuum your floors and mop regularly. With fewer food sources, silverfish will be less likely to enter your home.

Another option is to make sure the soil surrounding your home is dry. If your gutters drain too close to your home, water will collect and attract silverfish.

The Importance Of Working With A Professional

The best way to get rid of silverfish and keep them out is to contact the professionals. Call Pro Active Pest Control today for more information.