How You Can Prevent Rodents From Getting Into Your Home

Rodent outdoors at night.

Rodents can be a problem during any part of the year. But many of us think of them as a winter pest, but that’s simply not the case. As spring approaches, you’ll still want to take preventative action and avoid common mistakes to keep rodents out of your home. Most of the time, DIY methods of rodent control fail, so it is always better to seek professional help when dealing with these potentially dangerous pests. 

Rodents Year-Round

In the winter, rodents come inside your home for both food and shelter. That probably seems fairly obvious. It’s cold, shelter outside is scarce, and food sources become limited. Your home offers the perfect solution. But why do they come in during the other seasons? Generally, it’s for the same reasons. Once a rodent takes up residence in your home there’s not much reason for them to leave. So, with the approach of spring, they are unlikely to vacate if they’ve been comfortable all winter long. If their nesting sites remain undisturbed and they have a plentiful food source, they will remain in the comforts of your home.

Prevention Steps and Mistakes to Avoid

Rodents are attracted to homes that they can easily invade. If you have openings under doors, spaces around pipes or utility wires, windows in disrepair, missing vent screens, chimneys without caps, or any hole in your siding or foundation, rodents can get in. Repairing these issues is a huge advantage in preventing rodents from getting in. Furthermore, if rodents don’t have a food source, they aren’t likely to stay very long. Take measures to avoid leaving pet food out, seal your food in sturdy plastic containers, wipe up spills, sweep and mop often, and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. These are all ways to make your home less attractive to rodents.

Professional Help for Rodent Removal

Rodents such as rats and mice can carry and spread disease. They can also do extensive damage to your home with their gnawing. You will want to minimize the potential risks to you, your home, and your family, and professional pest control is the best way to do this. At Pro Active Pest Control, we complete an inspection and implement a plan that’s best for your particular problem using the most current and effective techniques. Call us today if you suspect a rodent problem in your Sacramento area home.