When To Hire A Pest Control Professional


Do things go bump in the night at your home? Are you worried that you may have some kind of pest infestation? Have you tried to keep pests out of your home through various products, but with no luck?

Maybe now is the time to consider bringing in a pest control professional.

Why Hire a Pest Control Professional?

Get Rid of Your Pest Problems
For pest control professionals, getting rid of pests is their job. They have the knowledge of types of pests local to your area and how to get rid of and further prevent infestations. They also have a variety of tools readily at hand, most of which you can’t find at your local hardware store. Typically, you’ll see results within the first two treatments. The first treatment gets rid of existing pests, and the second prevents offspring from growing and thriving.

Protection from Pest-Related Health Issues
From cockroaches to roof rats, pests carry and spread a variety of diseases. By living in and around your home, pests spread pathogens to you and your family. If their excrement makes contact with your food or food prep area, it contaminates what you eat (both human and pet food). The range of health issues that result range from allergies and asthma, to food poisoning. Severe allergic reactions from bites, scratches, and stings are another reason to prevent pests from entering your home.

Prevent Property Damage from Pests
Pest infestations damage your property. Insects, arachnids, and rodents are incredibly invasive. Once they are inside your home, getting them out takes time, energy, and money. Annually, pest problems can cost you thousands of dollars in home and property repairs.

The Cost is Minimal for a Pest Control Professional
For less than the cost of going out to the movies for a family of four, you can have bimonthly pest control. Plus, as a new customer with Pro Active Pest Control, enjoy our New Customer Pest Control Service Special. Get $100 off your initial pest control service with an annual agreement.

Regular Professional Pest Control Works
In the end, you can’t argue with results. The simple truth is that professional pest control works. Quality pest control takes time and is a process that needs to be continually maintained. By hiring pest control professionals to protect your home annually, your family and your property are protected. You can rely on Pro Active Pest Control to handle your pest problems.

Get Regular Pest Control Now!

Pest problems are a year-round occurrence. Being proactive about your pest problems can improve your quality of life in a big way. Contact Pro Active Pest Control to take care of existing pests, establish an effective pest barrier around your home, and maintain it through regular treatments.

We provide Roseville pest control, El Dorado Hills pest control, Lincoln pest control, Rancho Cordova pest control, as well as provide pest control throughout the Greater Sacramento area.

Contact Pro Active Pest Control for a free consultation and let us show you how we can help protect your home or business from pest problems.