Prevention Is Key When It Comes To Pests In Lincoln

A cockroach eating food on the floor

The weather is always lovely here in gorgeous Lincoln, California. With lovely summers and mild winters, Lincolns’s residents love living in the climate California provides. However, great weather doesn’t just attract the city’s locals, it also attracts the city’s pests. Nice weather year-round can bring year-round pest problems and concerns. Lincoln’s residents may already realize this, but if they don’t, they should learn about the most common pest problems in Lincoln and how to prevent them.

Common Pests In Lincoln, California

There’s a wide array of insects and rodents that would like to set up an extended residence in your Lincoln home. However, only a few are common infestations that we see around here. These include the following:


Though they vary in size, color, and shape, all cockroaches are bad news. Roaches can vector diseases such as E. coli and salmonella, and they rely on your food storage to feed their families.

Bed Bugs

While they aren’t known to carry any diseases or ruin your property, they can make your nights extremely uncomfortable. Bed bugs settle in your sheets, carpet, clothes, and furniture, and at night, they feed on your blood and leave itchy bites on your skin.

Rats & Mice

They’re cute until they’re in your house. Rodents like rats and mice burrow in your home’s foundation, potentially weakening your house’s infrastructure. Additionally, they may burrow in your vents or near your food storage, introducing pathogens like hantavirus, tularemia, and salmonella.


Once these winged beasts find their way beneath your home, you can expect them to slowly eat away at your foundation, chewing through your floorboards and support beams until your ceiling sags, your floors creak, and your furniture falls apart.


These critters are some of the most versatile, coming in a range of sizes, colors, and bringing an assortment of problems with them. You can expect an ant infestation to get in your food supply, ruin your garden, and push out other, more helpful colonies, causing both ecological destruction and potential health problems.

Any of these pests can cause a range of problems, from diseases to home damage to psychological distress. Preventing an infestation is paramount, because once pests get in, they can be incredibly tricky to remove so learning how to prevent an infestation in your Lincoln home is important.

Lincoln’s Pest Prevention Tips

Proper food and trash storage is the first step. Many pests are foragers and will move into your property if they can find their next meal in your trash or pantry. Keep your trash inside or well-locked, and make sure pests can’t get inside your pantry or food storage. This includes storing birdseed and pet food – anything that a pest can smell from miles away, it will likely move towards.

Moisture problems around the home can attract pests and are often the number one cause of an infestation. Make sure your property is well-ventilated, especially your kitchen and bathroom. The garage, basement, attic, and any crawl spaces are also common pest attractions with a lot of trapped moisture. If you have difficulty controlling the moisture indoors, a dehumidifier is a necessity. Moisture problems can also become an outdoor problem. If your property has standing water, pests are bound to move in closer. Clear any puddles you may have on your property, make sure your lawn drains after a storm, and clean your gutters regularly.

Entry points are the way in for any pest. Seal any potential entry points around the house, this includes cracks in your window frames, gaps in your door frames, crevices in masonry, and gaps in vents, pipes, and chimneys. If a pest can get in, it will so check to make sure your home is safely secured.

The best form of pest prevention includes ongoing assistance from your local pest professionals. Whether you have a pest problem or want to take that extra step to secure your property from pests, contact Lincoln’s pest experts at Pro Active Pest Control today. Let’s keep Lincoln beautiful and pest-free together!

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