Watch Out For Ticks When Prepping Your Garden In The Sacramento Region


Whether you live in Roseville or Folsom, the weather is perfect for being outdoors most of the year. The urge is strong to perform a little cleaning around your home. Not just in your closet or garage, but the yard and garden will soon be in high demand for the next growing season. Be wary of what you may stir up in your yard in your quest for a fresh garden.

Ants and termites are getting active from their winter slumber, but there lurks another that is even more of a threat than these two common pests. Ticks. Ticks are tiny (think the size of a flake of pepper) little blood-suckers that can transmit serious blood-borne diseases to both humans and their pets, such as Lyme disease.

Hidden in the dead leaves, long grasses and brush that have been piling up around your home during the winter season can be ticks. They enjoy places that provide darkness and moisture. Just like their horror story counterparts (vampires), they absolutely hate sunlight too.

How to Prevent Ticks

So what do you do to help prevent them from having an unfortunate encounter with your family? First and foremost, declutter your home and your yard. If you suspect you have a tick problem, wash any clothing and bedding that you think could have been exposed to ticks in the hottest water you can for the fabric type. Next, get to that indoor cleaning and dust, sweep, mop and especially vacuum (be sure to dispose of the trash immediately and properly).

Next, get outside and clear your yard of grassy and bushy areas, particularly ones that are mostly shaded. The humidity breeds a perfect environment for ticks. Bring as much sunlight as you can to your yard by trimming back trees as well. Regularly mowing helps too in preventing your lawn from becoming a ripe breeding ground for ticks and a primary transfer station to your family.

Now that your yard is prepped for Spring, it’s time to call Pro Active Pest Control. Let us help you get rid of existing tick infestations and prevent any future pest issues from occurring. We have specialized equipment and eco-friendly chemicals which can kill the ticks immediately on contact. We also have the knowledge and ability to identify tick habitats and locate the source (or sources) of your tick infestation. A single treatment to your yard will cut the tick population by over half and our monthly pest control will completely eliminate these little blood suckers from your home.